TimeLine Therapy™

The fog is clearing…you’re taking the first step to a brighter, clearer future, created by you.

Are you ready to leave the past behind you and gather your experiences and mould them into strengths to drive you and your business forward?

Are you ready to embrace the limitless possibilities waiting for you?

Step this way…

TimeLine Therapy™ - stop being controlled by your emotions and take hold of the wheel. Get back into the driving seat of your life and set forwards on your adventure, no longer slowed down by past experiences that did not serve you.

We all have a past. It is how we view that past that potentially opens or closes doors of opportunity for us and our future. A past that is holding onto anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt does not serve us. It drags us backwards and stops us on our pathway to greatness.

Because you, yes you, are on a path to greatness, whatever your past holds, your future has the power to change the world. On a big or a small scale, you make a difference to this planet – what difference do you want to make?

Do you find you don’t do something because you’re worried about what other people might think of you? They will judge you, laugh at you, criticise you, disregard you. As business owners, we want people to like us…people buy from people, and we want to sell what we have to offer. Consciously we know that that we can’t please everyone. You’re an intelligent woman, I know you know that, but I also know there’s a but… you’re not sure where it comes from, you know logically it makes no sense, but you can’t shake it off that you don’t want people to not like you. And so, you remain quiet. Not sharing your truth, not growing your business.

TimeLine Therapy™ isn’t about getting everyone to like you and it’s not about not caring at all about what other people think. It’s about releasing whatever it is you’re holding onto so you can accept the control you have over your reality, so you can embrace the truth that is within you and so you can compassionately share that truth with yourself and others.

We often hear ‘we can’t be everyone’s cup of tea’ but imagine how it would feel to KNOW that you’re the right people’s perfect blend?

TimeLine Therapy™ is the process of releasing negative emotions – anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt – and removing low level limiting beliefs. And I’m talking low level…like ‘I didn’t even know I was thinking that’ low level.

Because you know you have limiting beliefs, don’t you? You know you compare yourself to others and doubt yourself. You know that imposter syndrome sometimes pops up to keep your bum firmly on its seat and you know that this is really unhelpful when it comes to driving your business forward. Whatever problem you are facing in your life or business (time management, money – or lack of it, low confidence, missing knowledge…whatever!) it comes down to a limiting belief. What you may not be aware of is - it comes down to one. One low level limiting belief that influences all aspects of your life and causes all your actions and reactions – not doing something is an action in this case! Digging down to that low level limiting belief and removing it, allows all the others – that you are consciously aware of – to release easily and effortlessly. You can read more about the exact process of TimeLine Therapy™ and what to expect in your session in my blog post titled ‘What is TimeLine Therapy™?’

What I want to focus on right now is how you’re going to feel after that release. The unprecedented sense of freedom you can enjoy, the clarity and certainty in yourself and the great flow of abundance that is your future. Take a moment to feel that power rise in your body right now and hold it…that power never has to leave you.

Are you ready to feel powerful, clear and controlled? Let’s talk – book onto a free 20 minute clarity call where we can explore your personal situation and how TimeLine Therapy™ can help you release the past and create your future.

TimeLine Therapy™ is a single, up to 4 hour session: Pay in full for £535 or make 2monthly payments of £275.

If you’re reading this I know you want to take the step to changing your life for the better. Just reading this has been a step forward. You don’t have to leap, yet, but the next step is booking the free call, having the conversation, allowing yourself to be open to the possibilities that are waiting for you.

Remember, you can read more about What Is TimeLine Therapy™? Here.

What happens after TimeLine Therapy™ - magic, that’s what!

I’ve talked about how you will feel, I’ve mentioned the limitless possibilities. I know, that from this side of your journey that might seem overwhelming.

Some people know they will want support following their TLT session and my signature 1:1 programs are perfect for them – learn more here. Or wait and see how you feel after the session and decided then if you want to continue with ongoing coaching - everyone's journey is unique.

 We can discuss all of your options in your clarity call or after your TLT session. This is about you now stepping into your glorious, powerful future….

Book the call.