TimeLine Therapy - 3 hours 1:1 - £445

Your past does not dictate your future, yet how often do we use the experiences from past events to explain current behaviour. Sometimes this can be useful, we learn and develop, but it is when we hold on to negative emotions from our past developing limiting beliefs and demonstrating negative behaviours that we can cause ourselves damage, physically and mentally.

TimeLine Therapy is also known as Create Your Future Coaching. It is the process of releasing limiting beliefs and negative emotions.  It is an intense yet positive session. Following the discovery of the root cause of your problem and lowest level limiting belief I guide you into a light trance in order to go back, objectively to past events where you can take positive learning that are personal and for your future.

TimeLine Therapy can help you.

Check out my testimonials page to read about the clarity and life changing affects my clients have experienced.

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