Move from Fear to Freedom and create the business and life you want with…

…all the tools and support you need to achieve the wealth, happiness and success you’ve so far only dreamed of.

Are you ready to step up your mindset to create the business and life you want to live?
Are you ready to attract more clients, more money, more freedom and more success?

If the answer to both of these questions is yes (of course it is!) then step right this way.

The doors to The Bubble are now OPEN, and I’m ready to show you that all the potential and power you need to create everything you want in your business and life is already within you… It just needs to be released.

Let me show you how…

Imagine for a moment that this power and potential is being held back. I love a good visualisation (a powerful tool in itself), so let’s say they’re being held back by invisible blocks. Not just any blocks, but great big BARRIERS which feel impossible to break through. Barriers which are standing in the way of your success.

I know you want this success so badly, and you know you are capable of achieving it. You’re just not sure how to get there.

Right now, standing behind those barriers, you’re feeling:
Frustrated… at your lack of progress so far, you were so sure you’d be further ahead by now.
Disappointed… that you’ve invested so much yet don’t feel you’ve had the return you thought you would.
Exhausted and/or depleted… you were certain that running your own business meant working fewer hours, right?
Restless… you’ve read book after book, signed up to course after course, yet you still haven’t made the huge leaps in mindset you thought you would.
Like a fraud… how can you be an authority if you can’t get to where you want to be?
 Despondent… wondering whether to give up altogether, even pondering other options.

Notice any links there? Words or ideals which connect perhaps? Thoughts, expectations, beliefs?? One word: Mindset! Your barriers (aka your limiting beliefs) once again holding you back, determined to sabotage everything you want to achieve.


I want you to imagine another scenario, one in which these barriers are being smashed through… by YOU! Imagine how that would feel. Going from feeling frustrated, and held back by fear, to feeling free… with nothing in your way to stop you from turning your dreams of success into your reality.
Breaking down these barriers will:
Increase your self-confidence
• Open up new opportunities
• Increase your energy and motivation
• Decrease stress
• Promote creativity and productivity
• Increase self awareness to rest when you need rest without guilt or pressure
• Release negative emotions
• Remove imposter syndrome (or at least to know how to send it on it’s way the moment it shows up)

I know you know all this, but do you know what these barriers are costing you if you DON’T break them down? Do you know what being the best version of yourself will bring? The power really IS within you, with me by your side to guide you there.

Here’s just a taster of what smashing down those barriers will bring:
• More money into your business and life
• More clients to serve and support
• More flexibility to work when and where you want
• More PR opportunities for your business
• More healthy physical and mental habits
• More choice over how you run your life and business
• More freedom to experience your life without the constraints of ‘busy’ or ‘stress’
• More inner calm and contentment

More time for YOU

“Lauren has helped me dump my fears and has made me feel like myself again. I now look forward with confidence rather than feel consumed by fear and self doubt.” - Michelle 

"I love the meditations and I personally think these really set The Bubble apart from other business coaches and memberships. 

I have also completed a number of workshops and gained real value from them. I really enjoyed the pendulum one!" - Nicci

“‘Lauren is amazing at what she does. I cannot thank her enough!” - Rachel

"Thank you for, not just the learning, but also the community. I love being part of the group. I work from home, I'm a single mum, it can be isolating, but I don't feel like I am on my own! Whether it is using The Bubble Facebook group or joining the sessions, I can't explain how important and positive it has been!" - Elle

Hi, I'm Lauren

I’m an NLP master coach and NLP, TimeLine Therapy and Hypnosis master practitioner. I have studied psychology and neuroscience and am also the author of The Expecting Entrepreneur. My super power is understanding how the mind works and supporting you to tap into its power, so that you can live the life you want to live.
I focus my passions on supporting amazing women grow their businesses by guiding them to master their mindset once and for all. I am passionate about female empowerment and women stepping up into their true selves and being truly open to the flow of great abundance that is out there for them – without the constraints of what other people think, the negative inner critic or societal pressure. I have worked with some awesome 1:1 clients over the 2 years I have been in business yet I have come to realise that 1:1 coaching and support isn’t for every entrepreneur, for many different reasons. This is why I decided to create The Bubble; an affordable, flexible coaching option that will allow female entrepreneurs like you to grow themselves and their businesses side by side, without financial constraint. The tools and techniques I use with all my clients, including The Bubble Members, worked for me and they can work for you too.


The Mindset and Business Growth Centre for Female Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready to Step Up

If you are currently feeling stuck and frustrated with the number of hours you have to put in with very little return, leading to procrastination, demotivation and feelings of guilt, but want to feel energised and motivated knowing you are your own boss and can take a break when you want to, with confidence; then THE BUBBLE is for you.
If you currently fear failure and know that it is stopping you from promoting yourself and your business but want to feel a natural self-belief, without the concern of external judgment; then THE BUBBLE is for you.
If you have ever sabotaged your own success, felt as if you don’t deserve to be on the entrepreneurial stage and felt miserable because of it but want to feel worthy, successful and happy; then THE BUBBLE is for you.
In The Bubble you will not only grow your business but you will also grow yourself. And what’s even better you will do so at a pace that works for you, at an affordable investment, while being part of an amazing and inspiring community.

Here’s what The Bubble is all about:
As a member of The Bubble you will get access to a private members' area with resources on how to develop and maintain a healthy and positive mindset and how to use this to grow your business (worth £49). Every month you will be invited to a live guest expert workshop - which will of course be uploaded to the portal afterwards (worth £19 each) plus you will have access to a new hypnotic meditation - designed to break down those barriers - which you can download and listen to at a time that suits you (worth £19 each), oh and you will also get a personalised Wheel of Life report every 3 months to help you grow in all aspects of your world (worth £19 each).
You will be welcomed into a private Facebook community with other likeminded women where you will receive:
• Up levelled access to myself – an NLP Master Coach - for questions, accountability, feedback and support (worth £priceless!)
• Access to a weekly live morning mediation (worth £5 each)
• Goal setting prompts and accountability posts (worth £9 each)
•  Group coaching calls (minimum fortnightly but there will be more depending on demand) to work through any blocks or challenges you’re currently facing (worth £49 each)
ALSO, all members will receive a quarterly Wheel of Life questionnaire followed by a personalised report to support a wholeness approach to personal and professional growth.
All of this for an investment of only £29 per month with no contract, plus you can cancel your membership at any time.


"I joined the Bubble as I want to try to change my mindset when it comes to business. Although I currently have a very successful business, I still struggle with self-belief and putting goals in place to help me focus and grow. After only a short conversation with Lauren I could tell that she was not only a genuinely lovely person, but that she is so passionate about her work! Lauren absolutely radiates positivity and makes you feel like you (and women in general) can achieve anything! Who wouldn't want to be a part of a group that makes you feel that way?" - Emily

Sounds good, right? How about even more??
I’m talking next level, VIP Membership… perfect for those who love the idea of a membership yet would love the experience of even more personalised support too. VIP Membership includes:
• Everything as above
PLUS A 30minute 1:1 check in with me every month!

I understand you may still have questions and so I have compiled some of the frequently asked ones here:
What is an NLP Master Coach?
NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. It is all about communication, how we communicate with ourselves and how that impacts our behaviour but also how we communicate with others and therefore how that impacts their behaviour. As an NLP Master Coach I use effective questioning techniques to allow you to uncover you values, your beliefs, your goals and your dreams. Through classic coaching I will support you in turning those dreams into your reality with self-belief, accountability and actions
How long are the live group coaching sessions?
Each session will be 1 hour, you do not have to stay for the whole session, although it is often very beneficial to listen in to what other members of the group are working through and on.
Sessions will be extended or more added if necessary.

What if I can’t make the live sessions?
All live sessions (meditations and guest experts) will be recorded and available in the portal. The group coaching sessions are not recorded following member feedback. If you can't make a group coaching session but have something you would like to work through and/or ask, post in the private members' Facebook group or send me a private message. The live group coaching, via Zoom, is a minimum of every two weeks, depending on numbers more sessions will be added if necessary.
What if I join but decide it’s not for me?
That’s okay, it is impossible to be perfect for everyone! You can cancel your membership at any time, there is no contract. To cancel just email and I will get that sorted for you.
What if I need further support than what I am getting in The Bubble?
I offer a range of options for further support including my Signature 1:1 packages and my Citrus Boost power hour sessions. You could also consider
The Bubble VIP membership (see info above). I would invite you to send me a message or book a free 20 minute clarity call to discuss further. Your feedback will also be really valuable in helping me improve The Bubble and ensure it really is the BEST membership for female entrepreneurs growing their businesses.
I don’t have much free time, what if I am not able to commit?
Working on your time management, prioritising your self-development in order to grow your business your way is a key aspect of The Bubble and so my advice would be to give it a go. If after a few months you are finding it challenging around your other commitments then, of course, you can cancel at any time.
I’ve not started my business yet, is this still for me?
Absolutely! The Bubble is perfect for women in the early stages of their businesses (years 0-3). I believe your business starts with your idea, not with the first sale (although the first sale does feel good!)
I’ve been in business a while, is this still for me?
The Bubble is primarily aimed at female entrepreneurs during the early stages of their businesses (0-3 years) but that doesn’t mean you would not gain a huge amount even if your business is older than that. We never stop learning after all and mindset mastery is an ongoing process. If you are at the stage where you want to grow your business – get more clients, earn more money, free up more time or even change direction - then The Bubble is for you.
Who are the guest experts?
The topics covered by the guest experts vary and I will positively react to the needs of the group where possible. All of The Bubble’s guest experts will be just that…experts in their field. I will even be holding some additional bonus workshops for members myself. All guest expert workshops are recorded and added to the private members' area and as a new member you will have access to all previous workshops! These include workshops on identifying your dream client, selling with ease, money mindset, goal setting, practical Canva tips, decision making using the pendulum, EFT technique and using video confidently in your marketing!
How are the topics for the monthly hypnotic meditation recordings decided?
The topics for these powerful recordings are inspired by the needs of the group through conversations in the Facebook community and group sessions, as well as direct requests. The members' area has plenty of recordings for you to start exploring once you join. Topics including connecting with your Inner Critic, releasing the need for money, freedom from the judgement of others, the power to say 'no' with positivity, moving away from perfection and many more...
I’m concerned about investing?
Self-investment can feel daunting but most often this is down to a limiting belief around money. A topic we will be able to explore and work through within The Bubble. As there is no contract and you can cancel at any time why not come check it out or if you would like to discuss this concern further with me, book a free 20 minute clarity call.

This is your opportunity. The opportunity for you step up to your true self and create the wealth, happiness and success that you and your business deserve.
If this doesn’t sound like something you’re ready for just yet, then The Bubble isn’t for you. But if it does… and you feel 100% ready to STEP UP and SCALE... then what are you waiting for? Join The Bubble TODAY, and let’s get mastering your mindset - and your journey to success - underway.
I can’t wait to welcome you in!


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