“I just don’t have the time to up level my business”
“There’s no way I’ll ever feel comfortable doing a live on social media”
“It’s all such hard work, how do they do it?”
“I’m just not getting enough clients”
“I’m not sure I’m cut out for this”

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Sound familiar?

The Mindset and Business Growth Centre

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Growing a business takes, courage, commitment, consistency and passion.

You know this, and put in all four every single day, yet it still feels so hard.

In fact, not just hard, completely overwhelming… especially when bombarded with everyone else’s success and what you should be doing to move your business forward.

  • You know your business has the potential to make you money and embrace financial freedom

  • You know your business can provide you with the flexibility to run a family


  • you feel completely lost when it comes to knowing what the next step should be to make it happen.

  • You’re terrified of putting a foot wrong so stay stuck where you are.

  • You feel frustrated,

  • You feel disheartened

  • You - at times - question whether you can keep going as you are. Your business means so much, but then so does your sanity and family.

    I’ve been there and know how soul destroying it can feel… but the good news is, there is a way to make it work.

                 if you could focus on yourself AND your business, with other amazing women- who completely relate to where you are- by your side? A community of women who are also feeling the fear but stepping forward courageously anyway, knowing they’ll be held up, whatever happens? A space where everyone is committed to achieving their goals?
And what if you could have all this support, plus expert guidance from a renowned mindset and business coach, without the pressure to complete anything or do anything before you are ready to?



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The Bubble: The Mindset and Business Growth Centre
The Bubble is the monthly membership for female entrepreneurs who are ready to step up and grow themselves AND their businesses... without 24/7 hustle.

Only £40 per month.

The Bubble is for you if you feel even just one of the following:

  • Exhausted with all the tasks that make up running a business

  • Overwhelmed with how far along your competitors are, leading to you lowering your prices or putting in more and more hours

  • Afraid of putting yourself – your face and your story – out there out for fear of judgement

  • Confused about your options and how to grow your business around your other commitments and responsibilities

  • Frustrated with yourself for thinking you could do it all by yourself

  • Ready for coaching, training, and guidance to help you through your blocks but you don’t have thousands of pounds lying around (yet!)

What's inside?

For only £40 a month, you get....

Learning resources and trainings

There’s a growing library of learning resources, guest expert workshops, with trainings, guidance, downloads and workbooks on mindset mastery (my speciality), marketing, social media, dream clients, making sales, branding and more.
What’s more, every month we welcome a new guest expert so this resource is continuously growing and so you can find what you need and take the positive action when you need to.

Wondering if you'll have time for all of this? Scroll down to read Melissa's story

Exclusive hypnotic meditations

You’ll receive instant access to my very own powerful hypnotic meditations designed to address specific issues that affect you and the other members:
- Freedom from what other people think
- Releasing perfection
- Increasing energy
- Gaining confidence
- So much more

What’s more, a brand-new meditation to download and keep is added EVERY MONTH, with a chance to make suggestions for future months to ensure that it really is what YOU need.

Sounds good, right? Let’s keep it going (note: you don’t need to join in with all of these, The Bubble is about taking what you need)…

Regular Group Coaching

Group coaching sessions – with me, a master NLP coach - to really dig deep into what’s going on for you right now and to gain the clarity over the next steps you need to drive you and your business forward.

Live weekly meditations

You can join us every Monday morning for a short live meditation – what a way to start the week – creative, energised, productive!


This is what Elle has to say about Monday meditations: 'Monday Meditation has become hugely important to me, as it signifies the start of a new week and prepares me for that. My commitment to attend every week allows me to establish the beginning of focus and structure for the week ahead. Yet, it is so much more than that as Lauren leads me on my journey to discover and affirm my capabilities, opening my mind to all possibilities. I am left feeling full of self belief and wonderfully empowered. I often use this focus when faced with challenges in my day, particularly ones that would otherwise be stressful for me.'

Access to a private Facebook community

Up levelled access to me, the other amazing women who are on the same journey as you as well as accountability, check-ins and celebrations.

And there’s more…

Every 3 months you’ll get the opportunity to complete a short questionnaire from which you will receive your own, completely personalised Wheel of Life report.


Never doubt your progress again, never not know what your next step is.


That’s right, all the power of community and group support WITH personalised guidance as well!


AND if you want some 1:1 support, The Bubble members can exclusively book 30minute 1:1 Bubble VIP Flex sessions as and when they want!

Melissa's story

I know even this can feel overwhelming,. Wondering if you have the time to use the resources and/ or to give this as much as you would love to. Luckily, the mindset of time is one of my passion subjects PLUS (shhhh don’t tell other membership owners) but the resources- as amazing as they are- are NOT what will make your business a success… you are!

In fact, let me share a quick story of what I mean:

'I joined The Bubble because I knew I needed to work on my mindset, especially around money and imposter syndrome. I’ve been self-employed for 13 years and have always muddled through… Not any more! The benefits of joining The Bubble were instant! 


The amount of material available makes this membership option such great value. The Facebook group is a great starting point once you sign up – welcoming, packed with resources and full of useful conversation threads. The members’ website and FB group are accessible at any time, so I can watch videos, listen to meditations or catch up with guest experts if I missed them live. That fits perfectly around my business and family needs, and means those resources are always there if I need to refer back to them. 


Embarrassingly, despite having been a member for several months, I’ve only managed to watch a couple of Lauren’s videos on mindset and goal setting, and have watched precisely zero of the guest expert workshops! I know these will be massively useful for me when I do watch them though and, in all honesty, even without having seen the videos, I still feel like I’m getting brilliant value.

The weekly check-ins and goal-setting in the FB group help keep me accountable which makes a big difference in achieving my business goals. The resources are constantly updated too, so there’s always something new to engage with. Lauren is also ridiculously approachable – she’s available in the group and on DMs if you have any questions or are feeling stuck about anything. 


Lauren’s positivity is contagious and her constructive, imaginative suggestions have helped add perspective to my business decision-making. Being a member of The Bubble has had tangible results for my business – I’ve increased my prices and had successive highest-profit months (I keep smashing my own targets!), I’ve embarked on a new training course to enhance what I offer my clients (I wouldn’t have had the clarity or confidence to invest in myself before I was a Bubble member), I’ve got a better understanding of my value in the world, and I’ve felt uplifted by the online community of Bubble members. Oh, and I fall asleep much more quickly!'

Melissa Holmes, copywriter and editor

www.melissaholmescreative.com / @melissaholmescreative

So you’ll see… even if you don’t use the resources, you have increased your likelihood of improving your mindset and growing your business simply by joining!


If you’ve ever feared failure... you’re not alone.
If you’ve ever thought about giving up... you’re not alone.

I know those feelings, and the amazing women in The Bubble know those feelings too.

So, if you’re ready to grow a business that supports your life and the lifestyle you want rather than taking over and becoming a burden then you are ready to join The Bubble.

As a Bubble member you will be part of a growing thriving community that is ready to celebrate with you every step (even the hard ones) you take on your journey to success.

It’s super low risk. £40 to be precise. Because you can cancel or freeze your membership at any time, there’s no contract, you’re not tied in. If it’s not for you, that’s okay but you will never truly know unless you try, will you?

And – get this! – if you then want to re-join you can because, unlike other memberships out there, the doors to The Bubble are always open. I am here ready to welcome you when the time is right for you. The real question is, what excuses are you creating to tell yourself it’s not the right time?

Because you know it will never be the right time, don’t you? Other than right now… doing it your way… taking imperfect action (my favourite kind)… with guidance and support to take you towards those goals you know you can achieve.

Are you ready to achieve them together?


Hi, I'm Lauren

Lauren Malone

I know a lot about excuses.

I used to create a whole bunch…

Train as a coach? I can’t afford it.
Start a business? I’m too late loads of other people are doing it.
Make lots of money? What will people think of me?

The thing is excuses are basically your conscious mind saying what your unconscious mind is thinking, just sometimes in different words. Because the fact is - and if you’ve got this far, you’ll appreciate my bluntness here – it is only you that is getting in your way of creating the wealth, happiness and success that you deserve. No one else. It’s you.

It was when I got out of my own way and made significant shifts in my mindset that the magic happened for me. It can be the same for you and it has been the same for other The Bubble members. I created my success, not through hard work and graft, through commitment to myself, a consistent approach, courage in my endeavours and a complete belief in myself and my business.

I created Lemon Tree Coaching and Development because I knew the power of smashing through limiting beliefs, the opportunities and possibilities that could arise when people got out of their own way. I have experienced the sexism that women experience in entrepreneurship, I have been questioned by loved ones and judged by society and yet I know that my potential is limitless, and that success is abundant and so I deserve mine, and what’s more, I know you deserve yours too, even if you don’t know it yet.

At some point everyone needs courage in order to move their business forward. And one day you will be investing thousands in 1:1 coaching but you’re not there yet and THAT’S OKAY, THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I CREATED THE BUBBLE.

The Bubble isn’t about pushing you through a set programme at speed, it’s not about making £10k months or whatever your big goal is or isn’t. It’s about YOU… getting out of your own way so things can start to finally happen. Celebrating the steps that take you up to those big (currently too scary to think about) goals.

You CAN earn what you want to earn every month without working every hour under the sun.
You CAN take days off without feeling guilty or coming back to a backlog.
You CAN work when you want, how you want, doing what you want.

The Bubble CAN help you achieve this.

“The walls of your comfort zone are plastered in your favourite excuses” – Jen Sincero

I understand you may still have questions and so I have compiled some of the frequently asked ones here:

“Lauren has helped me dump my fears and has made me feel like myself again. I now look forward with confidence rather than feel consumed by fear and self doubt.” - Michelle 

"I love the meditations and I personally think these really set The Bubble apart from other business coaches and memberships. 

I have also completed a number of workshops and gained real value from them. I really enjoyed the pendulum one!" - Nicci

“‘Lauren is amazing at what she does. I cannot thank her enough!” - Rachel

"Thank you for, not just the learning, but also the community. I love being part of the group. I work from home, I'm a single mum, it can be isolating, but I don't feel like I am on my own! Whether it is using The Bubble Facebook group or joining the sessions, I can't explain how important and positive it has been!" - Elle


If you’re ready to smash your excuses and limiting beliefs to pieces, then The Bubble is ready and waiting… See you on the inside?


Lemon Tree Coaching - Coach Mindset Hypn