The Bubble

Opening January 2020

Do you want to develop your mindset and your business at your pace with the support of a certified master practitioner in NLP coaching and hypnosis?

I have developed The Bubble to help you:

  • Maintain a focus on your mindset development.

  • Grow your business.

  • Set out and achieve your goals. 

  • Allocate time for you.

Within The Bubble you will find resources on:

  • Understanding your mindset.

  • Identifying and removing limiting beliefs.

  • Overcoming imposter syndrome.

  • Identifying your values.

  • The art of writing successful goals - my Goal-den Rules.

  • Manifesting your results.

  • Developing resilience.

  • Mindfulness and Self-compassion.


  • Monthly hypnotic meditations to download.

You will also have access to the private Facebook group where you'll benefit from:

  • Weekly Monday Morning Meditations to start the week off right.

  • Fortnightly mindset clinics/ group coaching calls.

  • Weekly goals and accountability - to keep you on track.

  • Monthly guest experts.

All of the above for only £29 per month (you can cancel at anytime). 

The doors to The Bubble are currently closed to new members, due to reopen on 1st May 2020. Register your interest and get a reminder when doors open again by joining the waitlist.

The Bubble: The Mindset and Business Growth Centre for Female Entrepreneurs Who Are Ready to Step Up is the safe secure place to support you in moving from fear to freedom, from uncertainly to clarity and from stuck to success.

Frequently Asked Questions...

What is an NLP Master Coach?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. It is all about communication, how we communicate with ourselves and how that impacts our behaviour but also how we communicate with others and therefore how that impacts their behaviour. As an NLP Master Coach I use effective questioning techniques to allow you to uncover you values, your beliefs, your goals and your dreams. Through classic coaching I will support you in turning those dreams into your reality with self-belief, accountability and actions

How long are the live group coaching sessions?

Each session will be 1 hour, you do not have to stay for the whole session, although it is often very beneficial to listen in to what other members of the group are working through and on.

Sessions will be extended or more added if necessary.

What if I can’t make the live sessions?

All live sessions (meditations, guest experts and group coaching) will be recorded and available in the portal. If you have a specific question for the live session but can’t make it you can message or email it to me in advance and I will be sure to cover it for you. The live group coaching, via Zoom, is every two weeks and I plan to have them at different times so you will hopefully be able to attend at least one of the sessions if not both. Also, depending on numbers more sessions will be added if necessary.

What if I join but decide it’s not for me?

That’s okay, it is impossible to be perfect for everyone! You can cancel your membership at any time, there is no contract. To cancel just email and I will get that sorted for you.

What if I need further support than what I am getting in The Bubble?

I offer a range of options for further support including my Signature 1:1 packages and Group Mastermind Programme. I would invite you to send me a message or book a free 20 minute clarity call to discuss further. You feedback will also be really valuable in helping me improve The Bubble and ensure it really is the best membership for female entrepreneurs growing their businesses.

I don’t have much free time, what if I am not able to commit?

Working on your time management, prioritising your self-development in order to grow your business your way is a key aspect of The Bubble and so my advice would be to give it a go. If after a few months you are finding it challenging around your other commitments then, of course, you can cancel at any time.

I’ve not started my business yet, is this still for me?

Absolutely! The Bubble is perfect for women in the early stages of their businesses (years 0-3). I believe your business starts with your idea, not with the first sale (although the first one does feel good!)

I’ve been in business a long time, is this still for me?

The Bubble is primarily aimed at female entrepreneurs during the early stages of their businesses (0-3 years) but that doesn’t mean you would not gain a huge amount even if your business is older than that. We never stop learning after all and mindset mastery is an ongoing process. If you are at the stage where you want to grow your business – get more clients, earn more money, free up more time or even change direction - then The Bubble is for you.

Who are the guest experts?

The topics covered by the guest experts will vary and I will very much positively react to the needs of the group. I am currently looking at speakers to cover topics including PR, branding, copywriting, social media skills, accountancy, lead generation, investing, website design, and much more. All of The Bubble’s guest experts will be just that…experts in their field. I will even be holding some additional bonus workshops for members myself.

How are the topics for the monthly hypnotic meditation recordings decided?

The Bubble will open with a small number of generalised recordings available, created from discussions within LEMONADE. Each month there will be the option to vote for the following month’s recording topic. You can of course, contact me directly to request a topic or even to order a bespoke recording, just for you, for only £47.

I’m concerned about investing?

Self-investment can feel daunting but most often this is down to a limiting belief around money. A topic we will be able to explore and work through within The Bubble. As there is no contract and you can cancel at any time why not come check it out or if you would like to discuss this concern further with me, book a free 20 minute clarity call.

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