Smoking Cessation – 28 day programme - £445

You don’t need me to tell you about the extensive health benefits of quitting smoking. But have you ever stopped to calculate the cost to your bank balance?

Smoking 5 cigarettes a day could be costing you £730 per year….a 20 a day habit could be racking up a £2920 annual bill! (based on £8/pack 20).

It is always a good time to quit!

My 28 day programme works with you to remove this negative behaviour from your life. Just think how wonderful you will feel knowing you are a non-smoker!

Rather than insisting you quit ‘cold turkey’ the programme allows you to identify the best approach for you. It is your programme and your achievement.

Day 1 – 4 hour face to face session covering:

  • The conflict around quitting

  • The root cause – why did you start in the first place? What do you believe about your habit?

  • Releasing the negative emotions and beliefs – through TimeLine Therapy™

  • Health values

  • Set goals and actions

Day 8 – 1 hour phone call:

  • Celebrating initial successes

  • Identifying and breaking down challenges

  • New goals and actions

Day 18 (approx.) - 1 hour face to face session:

  • Celebrating successes

  • Identifying and breaking down challenges

  • New goals and actions

Day 25 (approx.) – 30 min phone call:

  • Celebrating success

Smoking Cessation

‘Hello, I’m Lauren and supporting people to release their negative emotions, remove their limiting beliefs and move forward from negative behaviours is what I am passionate about.

I started Lemon Tree Coaching and Development after training in NLP and TimeLine Therapy® and seeing the difference it immediately made to my life. I went on to train as a Master Practitioner in Hypnosis, TimeLine Therapy®, NLP and NLP Coaching. Together, I call these, Linguistic Coaching Techniques.

The benefits of linguistic coaching are wide ranging. I specialise in deep mindset transformation. Breaking down the barriers to success: identifying the blockages - whether they are linked to negative emotions or limiting beliefs - and removing them. Together we can then build the future you want with a new sense of clarity and positive self-belief.


My 'Services' section outlines some of the different sessions I offer. You can book a free 15 minute clarity call by following this link or contact me using my contact form (Below)

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