Ongoing Coaching – 1 hour sessions

‘Everybody should have a coach’ – Google CEO Eric Schmidt

Did you know that when we are happy, we are most receptable to growth?

Ongoing Coaching – 1 hour sessions


    • Ongoing 1 hour coaching sessions with me focus on:

    • Identifying and upholding your values

    • Listening non-judgementally to complaints, concerns and/or challenges

    • Providing motivational and empowering support

    • Identifying and eliminating your limiting beliefs


    Once our mental blocks, limiting beliefs and internal challenges are unlocked we develop a new-found sense of energy and enthusiasm!

    The frequency of your one to one coaching sessions is flexible and depends on your current starting place as well as where you want to be.


    Limiting belief removal session

    • Helping to form a clearer and realistic vision of your future

    • Encouraging accountability towards goals and actions


    • If you are unhappy with your recording for any reason, please contact Lauren who will work with you to resolve any issues promptly and to a mutual satisfaction.

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