Limiting Belief Removal – 3 hour session

Limiting beliefs work deep down in the psyche and behave like invisible forces that prevent us from putting forward our best self.

This 4 hour intensive session works on identifying and understanding your internal obstacles to your success and wellbeing – we may attribute the reason of our feelings (e.g. unhappiness or anxiety) to a particular cause, but it may be a completely different cause altogether!

Limiting Belief Removal – 3 hour session


    • Releasing negative emotions (anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt) and limiting beliefs ensures we are in the best frame of mind to grow and pursue our dreams. It enhances clarity of thought and clients often report how things ‘just seem to happen’ after one of these sessions!

      The session will begin with lots of questions all aimed to identify your lowest level limiting belief. We will then move on to TimeLine Therapy™, a hypnotic experience where I will guide you in releasing the 5 negative emotions and removing your limiting belief(s). Finally we will look to the future and I will provide you with tips, tools and techniques in moving forward with positive change.



    Ongoing coaching session(s)


    • If you are unhappy with your recording for any reason, please contact Lauren who will work with you to resolve any issues promptly and to a mutual satisfaction.

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