Confidence Booster – 3 hour session

It is not uncommon to feel an attack of the nerves sometimes. It may even be that this improves performance, but often this is not the case. A lack of confidence in any aspect of our lives – personal or professional – can cause us to demonstrate negative behaviours; maybe avoiding asking for the promotion we deserve, not trying the new hobby we might enjoy, avoiding social situations or staying in a negative, or even abusive, relationship.

We all deserve happiness and to live our best lives.

Confidence Booster – 3 hour session


    • This 4 hour session will:

    • Explore and identify the root cause of the problem

    • Release negative emotions and limiting beliefs – through TimeLine Therapy™



    Ongoing coaching session(s)

    • Provide tips, tools and techniques for moving forward

    • Support goal setting if required


    • If you are unhappy with your recording for any reason, please contact Lauren who will work with you to resolve any issues promptly and to a mutual satisfaction.

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