You Deserve Success

Did you know that recent statistics stated that 65% of UK employees want to start their own business[1]? That’s over 20million potential businesses.

But how many of them actually will? And how many of them feel the exact same way that I used to feel? ‘I want to start a business but that’s something other people do, right?’

And so, despite a huge percentage WANTING to start their own business... most don’t.

Letting fear rule their decision and deciding that it’s safer to leave the idea well alone. The safe option ‘protecting’ them from all the success they could have achieved. Hypothetical I know, yet this is just it… they will never know if it could have been a success or not.

You see, whilst our brain may seem to be keeping us safe, what it’s actually doing is telling us something different all together:

That we aren’t good enough to make running a business a success.

I definitely believed I wasn’t good enough to own a successful business - let alone start one - and had convinced myself that success was something I didn’t deserve. My role and purpose was always going to be as an employee.

How could it be that I knew I wanted to start a business, yet I was also able to convince myself not to?

It’s in moments like this in our lives where it becomes very clear how beliefs can become limiting, and really can rule our lives. Our conscious (in my case wanting to start a business) and our unconscious (believing I wasn’t good enough) speaking different, conflicting languages… this sense of conflict not exactly feeing good in our bodies or minds.

The best way to resolve this conflict? To improve the communication between our conscious and unconscious mind.

This is what I did. Through working with a coach and going through the process of TimeLine Therapy™ (aka Create Your Future Coaching™) I developed strong communication between my conscious and my unconscious.

I learned to listen to my true self whilst giving my unconscious mind the direction it needed (our unconscious mind loves to learn and is always happy to take direction for positive improvement… yay!)

But what is TimeLine Therapy?

Well, that’s a question for a different blog, which you will be pleased to discover I’ve already written! Check it out here.

So, what’s the point?

Remember all those feelings of not being good enough? (Of course you do, it was only a few paragraphs ago... stick with me) well it was also during the process of TimeLine Therapy™ that I smashed through this debilitating limiting belief. I had an immediate sense of clarity and within two months of this process, I quit my job and started my coaching and development business.

How’s that for life changing?? There’s more...

Another reason (or should that be ‘excuse’?) people often give when it comes to actually starting their business is that it’s been done before and they don’t believe they have anything unique to offer.

I can completely relate to that belief: there are a lot of coaches out there, what could I possibly bring to the field?

After experiencing TimeLine Therapy™ I knew the answer:

I was bringing myself and no one ever could do it the way I was doing it.

I also learned that success – which I’d believed was something that belonged to other people, remember? – was in abundance. That’s right! There was absolutely room for me on the field because the field didn’t - and doesn’t - have boundaries… it is limitless, and the success of others doesn’t reflect at all on the potential success for me or my business.

This is the same for those 20million potential businesses!

Wherever you are on your entrepreneurial journey – whether you’re one of the 65% who want to OR have you started your business already, OR perhaps you’ve been an entrepreneur for a while but are feeling stuck – it can always be beneficial to remind yourself of this: Success is in abundance.

Take it, say it, embody it.

You deserve success, and it IS in abundance.

If you believe in it, your potential is truly limitless.

TimeLine Therapy™ is just one way you can smash through your limiting beliefs and master your mindset – so goodbye ‘Oh I can’t afford that, so I’m stuck here’. There is always a way, and some of the ones I can help you with cost nothing apart from 20minutes of your time on a free zoom to talk through what’s going on for you right now.

I’m ready and waiting to help you smash through your beliefs and start taking steps towards whatever success looks like to you… if you’re ready too, then let’s talk! You can book your potentially life changing call here.



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