Why you DON’T want a side hustle

There are sooo many blogs out there sharing why you should get a side hustle:

1. Make more money

2. It’s achievable

3. It’s the future

4. Diversifying for financial security

5. Could become full time

6. If you don’t, someone else will

7. You definitely have the time, if you care enough.

These are just some of the awesome reasons to start a side hustle that I found doing a quick search.

I have so many objections to this and I am going to attempt to control those objections into clear points that will help you reconsider your side hustle…

1. The word ‘should’

Urgh!!! One of my absolute biggest pet peeves when it comes to online language. We are bombarded with other people (experts?) telling us what we should and shouldn’t do.

I dislike the word ‘should’ for two main reasons:

Firstly, because it blocks the sense of choice and implies that the only way to make more money/ be successful is to follow the path laid out by the writer. It puts a pressure on people to do things because they feel like they have to rather than because they want to or because it’s right for them. I’ve written about this in detail before and you can read more about this here.

Secondly, who is anyone to tell another what they should or shouldn’t be doing? We are all living with our own personal experiences and situation. What might work for one might be horrific for another.

2. The word ‘side’

So, this one might baffle you. If your ‘side hustle’ isn’t your main career/ source of income/ responsibility it feels natural to refer to it as being on the ‘side’. Unlike the word ‘should’ or the word ‘hustle’ (see point below) I am not suggesting a blanket ban on ‘side’.

Whether you use the word ‘side’ or not is completely up to you but I would encourage you to really deeply explore what you want from it.

If you want your ‘side hustle’ to become your full time business, that’s great. It’s completely possible but by calling it ‘side’ you are blocking it from becoming front and centre. It’s important to note here that I am not going down the ‘you’ve gotta be 100% in to win’ route here. I completely understand why people start their businesses while still working and am not suggesting anyone take any risk they feel would put them or their financial situation under extreme pressure. What I am bringing to your attention is the word ‘side’. If you want it to become your main source of income then calling it your ‘side’ business is going to block you from progress. Try these alternatives:

- My business

- My passion project

- My income generator

Of course, if you want to have a business on the side then please carry on using the term. You can absolutely create the life you want and I know some very successful people who work full time, have a family and run a small business on the side.

3. The word ‘hustle’

Hustle culture. Success is hard work. You’ve gotta put in the hours to see the results.

Cor, how I hate this rhetoric that is being churned out to the working population in order to see people working more and more hours (normally without the reward!).

I’m not suggesting starting and running a business, whether you’re working on it full or part time is without its challenges. It isn’t always easy. But just because something isn’t easy, doesn’t mean it has to be hard.

Let’s now look at the meaning of the word ‘hustle’: 1. Push roughly 2. Obtain by forceful/ illicit action 3. Fraud or swindle

Do you honestly want any of these words to describe what you do and how you make your money? I certainly wouldn’t!

Like the point above, what we call something is what it is and so the language we choose is really important!

If you are looking to create something that is always hard, always battling against you and always needs aggression to move forward, then crack on with calling it a ‘hustle’.

But if you want to create something that is in line with you and your values, that works for you and brings you positivity and all you deserve in life, then consider another word - business, enterprise, creation, project, employment, occupation, vocation…and there are many more.

4. Your future is yours to create

It’s often touted that ‘side hustles’ are the future. Guess who’s great idea that is? Big corporations who don’t want to pay their employees a true living wage. And it’s not just about pay, it’s about flexible working, parental and -iternity leave, work-life balance and expectations from employers.

We are responsible for creating our own futures and the future that we want for ourselves and future generations. You don’t have to do anything or tolerate anything, you can be part of the change. Whether that is creating your own business and creating the flexibility you want, or demanding employers listen to the workforce and not tolerating any form of discrimination. We all do have this power if we choose to take it.

5. Competition

‘If you don’t start your side hustle, someone else will’ – so what?

This kind of talk encourages fear and competition, two things that are not helpful when it comes to success.

So, what if someone else has started a similar thing to you? Notice I say similar? It can’t be the same, because no one else is you!

There is no such thing as a saturated market (despite what the patriarchy will try and tell you) and therefor ‘competition’ doesn’t exist. Focus on you and what you do, and why you’re doing it – that’s what truly matters.

To conclude, it really is all about the language you are using with yourself that defines your results.

I want you to create the life you want.

The business you want with the freedom, flexibility, choice and success that comes with it. I know that whatever you choose to pursue you have the potential to create everything you dream of. But I also know how important how we speak to ourselves is.

So go out there and create, make, do whatever it is that works for you and gets you closer to your goals, but watch what unconscious messages you may be sending yourself in the process!

If you would like support to take you creating/ project/ enterprise/ business to the next level – that works for you – please get in touch and book a free 20 minute clarity call and let’s chat.

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