Why does celebrating only ever involve spending money?

Why does celebrating only ever involve spending money, and especially why do we make it all about eating and drinking?

We live in a society where as soon as we have anything to celebrate we also hear ‘crack open the bubbly’ or ‘this deserves cake’ or even ‘now I can get myself the new shoes/make up/ handbag/ car/ [insert high ticket item of your choice]’.

Why does celebrating have to cost money?

Now I’m not about to go on a big capitalist rant…I love money! I love making lots of money and I love spending lots of money, but I do want to explore this idea of celebrating success with money.

When we think about success, we are often encouraged to distance ourselves from the financial aspect of it. Lots of us have money stories (aka limiting beliefs) that block us from embracing the awesomeness that is money:

- Money is the root of all evil.

- Money makes you greedy.

- Rich people are bad people.

- Money can’t buy happiness.

It’s for this reason that success has been reframed for so many: ‘being the expert’, ‘work-life balance’, ‘helping people’ are some examples.

But if we‘re taught the only way to celebrate success is to spend money, are we not blocking the idea of celebration and therefore our success – even if success is for you something else other than money?

These are just a selection of some of the excuses I‘ve heard disguised as legitimate reasons why we can’t celebrate:

- I don’t have anything I want to buy right now so it would be a waste.

- I don’t drink.

- I’m trying to lose some weight (so I’m not having chocolate or take-away).

What’s wrong with just feeling it?

Basking in your own glory for a time? (If your answer is: it’s not good to blow your own trumpet, then we really need to have a conversation!)

What does celebration feel like to you?

What does it look like?

Sound like?

Take a moment now to consider how celebration shows up for you, in your mind and body…

- Where do you feel it?

- Does the feeling have a shape and/or a colour associated with it?

- Does the feeling move and flow through you, or is it held in one place?

- Is there an image associated with the feeling? Are you in the image or are your looking through your own eyes? Is the image bright or dim? Moving or still?

- Is there a sound associated with the feeling? Where can you hear it? Is it loud or soft? Near or far?

Bring to your conscious awareness the feeling of celebration for you. Enjoy it!

Celebrating doesn’t have to cost money - you can do it anytime, anywhere.

Just you, celebrating your fabulous/ amazing/ wonderful (delete as appropriate!) self WITHOUT any reasons why you can’t!

What will you celebrate about yourself this week?

You can let me know in my free Facebook group Lemonade: Mindset Mastery for Female Entrepreneurs where we’ll be talking about this all week! See you in there?

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