What is TimeLine Therapy™?

TimeLine Therapy™ (TLT) is also known as Create Your Future Coaching™. It is a hypnotic process developed by NLP Practitioner Tad James. It uses the theory that the Unconscious Mind stores and organises our memories – real, forgotten, and metaphorical ones – in a linear form. Through guided trance the client is able to scroll through these memories – their timeline – discovering the root cause of their problem and release the negative emotions and limiting beliefs associated with the problem.

In this blog I will cover:

  • What is TLT? And what happens during a session.

  • How it can help you grow your business and your life.

  • Frequently Asked Questions.

What is TimeLine Therapy™? And What to Expect During a Session.

Personally, I prefer TLT’s alternative name Create Your Future Coaching™ for two main reasons. Firstly, I think it clearly explains what the purpose of TLT is – the principal objective of TLT is to release negative emotions and remove limiting beliefs so the client can enjoy a new sense of clarity about their (limitless) potential and the abundance of choices available to them, in order for them to – literally – create their future! Secondly, is the word ‘therapy’. Now I have no issues with people seeking therapy, for me there is no prerequisite for wanting to work on your mental wellbeing, however there is a stigma on the word, and I think that stops people from exploring this life changing technique.

For the sake of this blog I am referring to TLT, because a) it’s shorter and b) it is the more widely used term.

TLT is a powerful tool to bring about personal growth and change in perception. By taking learnings from past events which are attached to negative emotions the Unconscious Mind is able to release the negative emotions and take the positive lessons and apply them in future situations.

One reason TLT is so effective is because the discomfort the client experiences is minimal.

Through the process the client is guided back to the root cause of their problem, the very first event, which when disconnected will cause the problem to disappear. This event is rarely a significant and/or traumatic event. Also, while in trance and taking the learnings from the event the client remains disassociated from the memory. This means they are viewing the event, and themselves in it, objectively – they know the emotions are there, but they are not actively feeling them or reliving the event.

A TLT session, which is usually 3-4 hours long starts by exploring and discovering the root cause of the presenting problem, the lowest level limiting belief that, once removed will allow other, higher beliefs, to release. We practice engaging with the Unconscious Mind and it is not uncommon for a client to say ‘I’m not sure why I want to say this…’ – this demonstrates that the client is beginning to listen to their Unconscious Mind.

Together we then move onto the process of releasing the core five negative emotions – anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt and removing that lowest level limiting belief. For each emotion or belief, the client travels back along their timeline in a light trance to the root cause, they remain disassociated as they take the learnings from the event. Once they have taken all the personal, positive learnings they travel back up their timeline to the present applying the learnings to all subsequent events.

While discomfort is minimal there is often tears as the negative emotions attached to the past are let go of and the sense of freedom emerges. My role, as a master practitioner in TLT is to guide the client and hold space for their growth, not to pass judgement on their learnings.

Putting goals into your future and experiencing them completed is another wonderful tool using your timeline.

By traveling forward along your timeline to the point in the future where the goal is successfully completed, dropping down within the timeline so you are associated, feeling the feelings, and looking through your own eyes, you are creating this reality for the Unconscious Mind. It is like it has already happened, and so, it becomes inevitable that it will.

How Can TLT Help You Grow Your Business and Your Life?

What could you achieve if you truly believed anything was possible? This is how TLT can help you. Not only do people who have experienced TLT feel more confident within themselves they also are more open to opportunities. In business this could be a collaboration, a new product or service, a PR opportunity, or a change in pricing. In life this could be allowing more time for the things you love, a new relationship, a new hobby, a new sense of contentment, free from the negative emotions associated with past events.

There are no limits to what is possible for you after you experience TLT.

Here are just some examples of the results some people I have worked with have experienced:

  • After smashing through ‘making money is hard’, one entrepreneur went on to celebrate a £50k launch just a few months later.

  • After smashing through ‘I don’t deserve happiness’, one woman went freelance doing the work she loved, leaving behind a toxic work environment.

  • After smashing through ‘I am not worthy of success’, one entrepreneur grew a side hustle to a viable business that she is now considering franchising.

  • After smashing through ‘I’m not good enough’ one woman quit her job and started her business, at 8 weeks pregnant, she left behind negative behaviours around food which she had been demonstrating for over 20 years, she created a successful business and two thriving online communities, she published a book within a year of her son’s birth, she became a regular mindset expert for the BBC and she enjoys her life in a way she never thought possible before – this woman is me.


What if I can’t remember the root cause of my problem?

The Unconscious Mind stores lots of memories and only some of them are ones we remember consciously. There are also forgotten memories, which the Unconscious Mind will bring up when it is time to process them differently and there are metaphorical memories, which represent the reality in a way that can be processed. Whatever memory your Unconscious Mind presents is the perfect memory.

What if I regress into a painful or traumatic memory?

It is my job as your guide to ensure this doesn’t happen. I will be listening to your words and tone as well as observing your body language and physiology. Any hint that you are associating into a memory before the negative emotions have been released, I will guide you away from that and wake you if necessary. Also, as with all trance, you are in control. We will have had a practice before hand so you will know how to move around your timeline and, at anytime, you can simply open your eyes and return to now.

How will I feel afterwards?

It is common to feel quite tired following a TLT session. They are 3-4 hours long and your mind will have worked hard. I advise clients to allow themselves time to rest following a session and would happily provide a short, guided meditation if desired. It is also a great idea to have a drink and some tissues available.

Does it work over Zoom?

Yes. Throughout the session you are in control and I am the guide, this is the same whether we are in the same room or over Zoom. I ask that I can see your face clearly throughout, in order to observe any changes in body language or physiology, and that, for the session, you are in a quiet area where you won’t be disturbed.

What happens after the session?

I start all of my signature 1:1 packages with a TLT session, we then go on to have regular coaching sessions in order to help the client achieve their goals. Some people just have the TLT session – this is more common when they are already working with a business coach or mentor.

Will I need more than one session?

No. TLT is effective and long lasting, that’s one of the reasons I love it so much. After a session you are free to make new choices and therefore begin gathering new evidence to support new beliefs. These new beliefs are nearly always positive but sometimes people experience events which cause the development of new limiting beliefs. While this is uncommon this would be an example of when a further session might be required.

What are the next steps?

Now you are considering the possibilities of how a TLT session could help you achieve your goals it is natural to want to take the next step. That step is to book a free 20minute clarity call with me to share a little more about what is going on for you right now, explore where you want to be and how my approach can help you get there and to see if we are a good fit for working together. You can check out ways of working with me here.

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