What is Money Shame and How to Move Past It

Have you ever apologised for your prices? Either openly or in your tone of voice?

It’s not because you think you’re “too expensive” because you keep your prices as reasonable as you can but it’s because you’re asking for money at all.

As a society we have created a shame around asking for money – even when it a completely accepted aspect of a transaction.

This shame comes in the form of low prices, apologies, excuses and/or explanations.

I used to catch myself saying ‘Oh if I could do this for free I would, but the act of paying creates a commitment to the process’ – not a complete lie, money is currency, currency is energy. When you pay for a service, like coaching, it does create a psychological commitment which is really important for the work I do with my clients.

BUT would I do it for free? Honestly??????

NO I bloody well wouldn’t. I love what I do, I love the impact my work has on the lives and businesses of my clients, but do it for nothing? No.

I can still fulfil my value of helping people while owning the value of wealth. And I can do so without feeling any shame….

Because I’ve done the work on my money stories – those limiting beliefs about money that were holding me back (dictating my prices, causing excuses etc. etc. etc).

So where do these stories come from?

More often than not, it’s from our childhood. Passing comments, our parents’ financial situation or their feelings about money.

I grew up being told ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’,

the implication being that money is in short supply, and shouldn’t be wasted. This idea that there wasn’t very much of it actually conflicted with my parents’ financial situation which caused a lot of confusing for my child-mind. I created a belief that you had to hold on to the money you had, and so when it came to the time where, as a business owner, I needed to talk about or ask for money, I felt ashamed and uncomfortable. I would avoid putting my prices on social media or on my website, it would be the last ‘add-on’ part of the conversation in a sales call.

This limiting belief – you have to hold on to the money you have – is in direct conflict with the law of abundance.

Money flows in and money flows out.

We have to be willing to let it go in order to be willing to welcome it in. Learning this, believing this, and living this, completely transformed my relationship with money and my business.

Whatever your money story and wherever it came from you can change it and overcome it. You can feel differently about money. You absolutely can own your desire for it without being greedy.

I would love to hear from you and learn what money stories you’re holding on to, you can email me on

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