Top tips for time management

5 things you can implement today to support your productivity

What would you do if there were a few extra hours in the day?

Catch up on sleep?

Get some more work done?



Work ON your business rather than always IN your business – future planning and the like?

If you really think about it, the list of what you could do to fill any extra hours is endless. But the fact is, it’s not gonna happen. We have 24 hours in a day, don’t we?

Well yes. I’m not coming here with ground breaking time news, it’s still 24 hours in a day and an hour is still 60 minutes and so on. However, each of us has our own perception of time and it’s that perception of time that really matters.

Most people, when I talk about limiting beliefs think about the ones about themselves – I am not good enough or I don’t deserve success – certainly incredibly limiting. Some people might go to their money stories (another fav topic of mine which I discuss further here and here) – again, definitely limiting and unhelpful, especially as small business owners and entrepreneurs.

But what about limiting beliefs around time?

Hardly ever gets a mention. Because time just is, isn’t it? Like I said, there’s no adding any more of it.

Wrong. Add more time by changing your perception.

What you are saying to yourself really really matters!

So, if you want to take action to support and increase your productivity here’s tip number one:

1. Reframe what you’re saying about time…

Instead of ‘There’s never enough time’, try ‘I always have enough time for what I need’.

Instead of ‘Where have the hours gone?’, try focusing on all you have achieved.

If someone cancels a meeting, rather than feeling annoyed thank the universe for the gift of time and promise to use it wisely (side note: wisely can be anything and is not necessarily more work, rest is also wise!)

This will have THE BIGGEST impact on your productivity.

2. Fill your time

I don’t mean pack your diary so your running from place to place, no. What I mean is plan and fill your diary with how you would like your days and weeks to look. For example, if you would like to do discovery calls with potential clients on a Monday afternoon, block that off in your diary. Even if they’re not booked in yet! Firstly, you’re spelling out to the universe what you really want and secondly, if you don’t have calls booked it you can thank the universe for the time it’s gifting you (see point above).

BONUS TIP: if you use a paper diary write in pen not pencil. Make commitments to yourself and the universe.

3. Short bursts

25 minutes on 5 minutes off is a popular one. There’s no perfect here, just try it and see what works for you. Feeling stuck about writing some content? Rather than sitting there for hours writing nothing, set yourself a timer and work for that time, if you’ve not written anything at the end of the 25 mins (or whatever) then never mind, take a short break and move on to a different task.

4. Link to your why

If you don’t know why you’re doing something you’re likely to resist it. And I don’t mean why as in ‘well it needs to be done’ or ‘it’s what should be done’ – I’m talking the deeper why.

Washing needs to go on ~because~ I love my self and my family

Should be writing content ~because~ I am committed to growing my business

As you write your to-do lists, really consider each task from this perspective. You’ll find there is less mental resistance.

When it comes to identifying your why (aka your values) it’s really important not to rush this task.

In my membership The Bubble there are learning resources specifically to take you through this exercise (and other mindset mastery and business related exercises). Learn more about The Bubble here.

5. Practice Mindfulness

One complaint I hear a lot from clients is the struggle to focus and be in the moment, whether that's on a work task or with the family having fun, they find themselves distracted and overthinking.

My advice is always, practice mindfulness. 2 minutes every morning or evening is all it takes to really impact those moments when you want to be on-task! You don't even have to sit with your eyes closed, you can do it while making your morning cuppa! Simply focus 100% on what you are doing. Notice what you can see, hear and feel.

Long-term, this will make a huge difference to your productivity. You will not be surprised to discover that The Bubble has resources and support for this too!

I’ve purposely kept this blog short – you wouldn’t be reading if you didn’t feel pushed for time right?- but I would love to support you further. You may enjoy my blog ‘How Do They Do It?’ where I share some more of my personal time management tips as well as helping you avoid the dreaded comparisonitis and if you’d like to chat, book yourself on a free clarity call – might be the best 20 minutes you’ve ever spent!

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