Thinking your way to financial freedom… My thoughts and more

I almost called this blog post ‘can you think yourself to financial freedom?’ but then I realised that would result in the shortest blog of all time! 8 words in total. The title plus ‘yes’. And while I would effectively be answering my own question, I would not be providing you with anything you don’t know already. Because you know that you can think yourself to financial freedom, don’t you?

You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t.

But what you’re not so sure on is HOW. Well I have the answers right here, read on!

We need to start by exploring what you currently think of – the first thing you think of - when I say ‘money’. If you think anything other than ‘a means to pay and be paid for products and services,’ then you have a money story, one which could be costing you dearly. I say story, what I mean is a belief... a limiting belief... one (or more) that you have developed within your unconscious mind that tells you your relationship with money. Far too often these money stories are not very helpful and block us from achieving the very thing we want as entrepreneurs… making money.

Am I right or am I right?

'Posh' was not a good thing

Throughout my life I was often called ‘posh’. My accent (which I never thought of as particularly ‘posh’), growing up in Cheshire and going to private school normally being the evidence. My parents were well off and so that meant (to others) that I was ‘posh’. Posh was not a good thing. It wasn’t likable. It wasn’t relatable. Posh implied that I thought I was better than other people. But I didn’t think that, so my child brain tried to make sense of it all and came up with: ‘If you have money people will think you are posh and if people think you are posh they will not like you because you are

bad person’, in other words ‘having money makes you a bad person’. Once my child brain had come up with this limiting belief and saved it nice and securely in my

unconscious mind my adult reality became formed around it.

The result? Never having money.

The stuff would burn a hole in my pocket! But of course, in my rush to release myself of any money that came to me (student loan, income) I squandered it and ended up in a situation where I couldn’t afford what I needed the damn stuff for – rent, food, travel to my job. I ended up in debt and my dislike of money grew. I needed money but I couldn’t be around it. Not a healthy relationship at all!

Whether you had money or didn’t have money growing up or anywhere in between, you probably developed an unhealthy relationship with it. If I hadn’t changed my thoughts around money (spoiler, I did change them, if you hadn’t already guessed), what story would my son have picked up on?

That his Mum was always in debt, not being able to afford anything despite working her butt off?

Two important new beliefs

I not only wanted to change how I thought about money... I HAD to. There were two important new beliefs I had to form for me to fall back in love with money, and I would love you to form them too:

  • Identifying your money story is the very first step. When you know your money story you can choose to twist it on it’s head in order to serve you in turning your dreams into reality. For me, I changed ‘having money makes you a bad person’ into ‘money allows me to do good in this world’.

  • Secondly, you want to accept wealth abundance. Release the need for money. I know this is easier said than done when the bills need to be paid and all you can see is what you don’t have, but it is so important! No one deserves more money than you and you having all the money you want in the world is not preventing other people from getting it. Money flows in great abundance. Believe this, and you open up the channels to receiving it. Not through magic but because the money you desire is already there, choosing to accept this stops your brain from deleting the opportunities for you to make lots of money.

Life is too short to live in lack, and as the fabulous Jen Sincero says in her wonderful book ‘You Are A Baddass at Making Money’ (John Murray Learning, 2018); suffering is not more noble than success!

New money thoughts

To sign off this blog post, which for a post that could have been 8 words, has started me on a flow that could be unstoppable, I would like to share some of my favourite new money thoughts which can become your new money thoughts if you choose:

  1. I love money (starting with an easy one… this mindset mastery stuff is not as complicated as it can sometimes seem)

  2. I am grateful to money because…

  3. Money allows me to do good in this world

  4. I deserve money

  5. I accept the great flow of wealth abundance and invite money into my life

  6. I am making lots of money

Why not say these out loud and see how they feel, noticing any stories which are coming up for you as you do.

Can’t seem to shift them? I would LOVE to help! Let’s move those money blocks out of

your way, and unlock your money making potential. You too can be a baddass at making money, no more suffering needed! Book a free 20 minute clarity call here

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