Mindset Mastery and Business– Your Way

Social media is a fantastic resource for entrepreneurs. For many it’s their main marketing tool, but- love it or hate it- it’s also full of information and support.

On one hand this is really excellent as people with more experience share their knowledge… but on the other, it can easily cause mass overwhelm.

I’ve seen in some business groups people asking for help or ‘what would you do if…’ and the number of comments is often outstanding. People sharing their stories and experiences, people giving advice and people telling the original poster what they should be doing.

Different people come in with different, often conflicting, bits of advice and the result is confusion and overwhelm, which despite everyone’s best intentions isn’t helpful in resolving the original poster’s problem.

There’s no set way to do business.

Each business is different, each person running a business is different and while there are tried and tested strategies that might work for you and your business, it’s unlikely that all the information will be clearly expressed in a social media post or comment.

The problem that most people, when sharing their (actually very valuable) pearls of wisdom, come up against is not what they are communicating, it’s HOW they are communicating.

If there’s one thing our unconscious mind puts up barriers to, it’s a lack of choice:

- You should

- You must

- You’ve got to…

- You’ll have to…

- You need to…

All this language does is cause the unconscious mind to go into defence mode and it’s this – especially if you’re being told you ‘should’ do conflicting things – that causes confusion and overwhelm, which in turn leads to procrastination at best, and giving up completely at worst!

It’s not only business groups that are guilty of this. Oh no! Parenting groups are rife with 'shoulds' and, surprisingly, so are some mindset groups too!

In one group I recently saw a post by a woman asking how she could feel less anxious…here’s a snippet of some of the responses…

- ‘You’ve got to meditate’

- ‘You need to learn breathing techniques’

- ‘Journaling helps, do this’

- ‘You should try EFT’

Now all of these suggestions are, potentially, quite good, but without knowing the woman, her specific problems regarding anxiety or how it manifests in her life it’s hard to know what to recommend.

Also, if she read this, because of the implied lack of choice in the comments, she is likely to feel overwhelmed and more anxious. She might even feel judged if she responds to any of the suggestions as not being suitable which only she will know right?

So what am I suggesting here?

We all stop giving support on social media? We all leave these groups and run?

Not at all.

Here are some phrases I like to use that are more open and which invite the reader in, on their terms:

- 'You may want to consider…'

- 'You could try….'

- 'Would you be willing to…'

- 'I have tried [strategy] and found it worked really well, do you think it might work for you?'

- 'Could you choose to…'

And this here is really the point of this blog….

To do your mindset and your business growth your way.

You don’t have to meditate at the top of a mountain to master your mindset – although you can if you wish.

You don’t have to use every social media platform to grow your business – although you may if you wish.

You don’t have to go to networking events, invest in advertising, read a chapter of a personal development book every day or get up at 5am to master your mindset.

Or to raise your prices, work more and more hours or create a freebie to grow your business.

None of these promise business success, but you doing things your way will most definitely steer you towards it.

As a business coach and mindset expert I have a range of tools, techniques and strategies I use for myself which I suggest and make available to my clients. I also know I don’t know it all, which is why I invite guest experts into my membership The Bubble each month to share their knowledge plus to add more resources and options for development, both in life and business.

In fact, it was my desire to provide a space that allowed female entrepreneurs to positively develop their mindsets and grow their businesses in a way that worked for them that led me to start The Bubble in the first place. You can learn more about The Bubble here. Doors are always open, why not pop on in, knowing you can cancel at any time, and see if The Bubble’s way of mastering your mindset and growing your business is for you?

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