Master your money mindset

One of the biggest things holding female entrepreneurs back is their money mindset. The stories they tell themselves about money that are blocking them from really making any!

When I tell female entrepreneurs that their business has the potential to turn over £1million in the next 12 months they normally give me one of two responses:

- ‘No, it doesn’t!’ – often accompanied with a scoff and an eye roll like I’ve lost my marbles

- ‘I don’t want it to’

In this blog I am going to break down these responses and discuss how you can shift your money mindset, so it starts to serve you rather than working against you.

When it comes to your business making £1million in the next 12 months (or any figure for that matter) I will only be sharing step one of how to do this – if you’ve not guessed it already – sort out your money stories!

I really can’t stress this enough.

What we believe to be true about something, in this case money, becomes our reality.

If we believe all white van drivers are idiots – guess what we see?

If we believe making our bed each morning is important – guess what we do / how we feel if we don’t?

If we believe money is the root of all evil – guess what we do? That’s right, avoid it! And avoiding money isn’t the way to make lots of it, or any of it for that matter!

Because even if you’re sitting in the ‘I don’t want to make millions’ camp, you still want to make money. Because money provides you, and your family, with security and freedom.

The disbelievers

But let’s start with the disbelievers. Those of you who scoff at my assertion that your business has the potential to turnover £1million. You may be wondering how I can be so confident in saying that. It’s because I know that all of you - and therefore all of your businesses - have unlimited potential. The limit is only what you have created in your own mind. The fact is there are other businesses who are doing it, and that means that yours can too.

What I’m really interested in is why do you believe yours doesn’t?

Is it something to do with money being hard to come by? Maybe you grew up being told it doesn’t grow on trees? Maybe there’s something about your self-worth and feeling like you don’t deserve to make money or aren’t good enough to make it?

If you want to master your mindset and start actually making money, you wanna find out what story you’re telling yourself that is frankly, complete baloney! This is mine.

There’s a number of ways for you to discover your money stories. I’d recommend journaling, working with a coach and meditation.

Once discovered you can start to work out how to reprogramme that. The easiest way to do this is to work with a coach. Work with someone who is trained and experienced in helping people uncover their limiting beliefs (in this case about money) and change them! Work with someone like me.

However, I do understand that 1:1 coaching may feel out of reach (this could actually be part of your money stories but that’s another blog for another day!) and that’s why I created The Bubble – an affordable way for female entrepreneurs to access high level mindset and business coaching and guidance.

Ms Humble

Let’s move on to the second answer I hear commonly, the ‘I don’t want to make millions’.

Often when I dig a little deeper into this response I hear things like ‘It’s more important I help people’ - hence not raising prices, or ‘if I could do it for nothing I would’.

I get it. It’s very admirable. Your driven by helping people, it’s a top value for you.

But the fact is, it’s not possible for you to do it for nothing – otherwise you would. You need to eat, pay the bills, keep a roof over your head and…let’s be frank…while you might not be extravagant, you do want some treats now and again!

Of course, you don’t need to be a millionaire to have financial freedom and I am not saying that you ‘should’ sort out your money stories so you do want that. I do think it’s great that your values drive you to help people.


Are you helping as many people as possible right now?

If you’re fighting against raising your prices because you want to make your service accessible, then consider the fact that whatever you charge it will still be out of reach for some. Could increasing your prices allow you to pro bono work or give more to charities that you’re passionate about?

Humbleness around money, again, comes down to money stories (there’s a theme!)

Normally along the ‘money is the root of all evil’ line. And yes, I can understand where this comes from with how the media portray the mega rich (and how some of them behave). But, the fact is, money doesn’t change people. People change themselves. With money, you wouldn’t be any different unless you chose to be. What you would have is more opportunities – how you choose to use them, is up to you!

As with The Disbeliever you want to address these limiting beliefs if you want your business to make more money.

Journaling, coaching and meditation will help you.

It’s time to face those money stories and correct them. It’s time to do the deep work that will take you and your business to the next level, to financial freedom and beyond.

The Bubble could be your first step to doing just that. With guides, meditations and regular coaching sessions I can provide you with the tools and support you need.

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