How to talk about your business with confidence

There are so many ways you can be talking about your business…networking, on social media, in the press (magazines, tv, radio, etc.), as a guest expert/ speaker and I could go on…but does the idea of these – all of them or just one – fill you with fear?

When I speak to female founders/ business owners/ entrepreneurs something comes up time and time again and that’s confidence, specifically regarding standing up – physically or metaphorically – and talking about your business.

It is definitely, in my observations, an issue that affects women in business in particular. On the surface it is a confidence issue but digging deeper down it is an issue with how women see themselves on the entrepreneurial stage and how they compare themselves to men, or rather masculine energy.

Society has taught women to be more submissive.

To be more humble and to take a step back. That pride comes before a fall.

These societal limiting beliefs lead to personal ones – I’m not good enough, I don’t deserve this, I’m not confident.

Allowing others their chance to shine is a good thing, but not if it means you don’t get a chance yourself. Success in business can only come if people know about your business. And remember, people buy from people so that also means they want to know you.

Humility does not make sales.

So how do you confidently talk about your business in a way that feels right for you?

Identify what the limiting beliefs you’re holding onto and take action to change them.

Beliefs are not facts, but we hold them as our truth. Sometimes quite aggressively. Once upon a time they may have come in useful but if you want to step up in your business, talk about it with confidence and make more sales, limiting beliefs like ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I don’t deserve to be here’ are seriously unhelpful!

We live in such a busy world these days and so often expect things at the touch of a button. It’s fast paced and we want solutions to our problems. Of course, we do, but completely pointless having a solution if we don’t know what the problem is!!!

That’s why identifying what’s actually going on, deep within your unconscious is so important!

Consciously we think the problem is lacking confidence but unconsciously it is a limiting belief.

Once you have identified the problem, you can then remove it! Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, it can be, with TimeLine Therapy (read more here).

But, I know you’re here because you want solutions and results soon!

And so I have these top tips to ‘trick’ yourself into feeling more confident – and the best thing is that if you use these over time, it will stop being a trick and will become your reality! You WILL feel more confident!

- Body language – stand tall with your head held high. When we shift our body language it directly impacts our inner communication system – our self-talk. This can help even if you’re not in front of people! Shifting your body language to a confident pose before writing promotional content will positively impact your writing too!

- Breathe! Practice gentle mindful breathing. Inhale for a count of 4 and exhale for a count of 4. This will calm your mind and body and bring you back to the present moment giving your unconscious mind a break from the ‘what if’ thoughts causing you discomfort.

- Affirmation – those who follow me, know how much I love an affirmation! That’s because they work! Having a confident go-to affirmation is great for just before you start to speak, you can repeat it in your head as you practice your breathing!

- Eye contact – if you’re talking to a room of people, at say a networking meeting, it can be scary. By making eye contact with a few members of your audience you will empower their energy for you. They don’t want to watch you fail (if they do you don’t want to be talking at that event!)

- Common humanity – you’re not alone. It can be incredibly powerful to remind yourself that other people are feeling the same anxieties and fears as you. What would you say to those people? Would you suggest they give up and let them know how useless they are, or would you offer words of encouragement and support? Speak to yourself how you would speak to others.

- Celebrate and don’t overthink – easier said than done right? But bear with me! Once you have said your bit, be it at a meeting or on a Facebook live, or wherever…it is said. You can’t undo the past; it can’t be unsaid. It might not have gone perfectly, you might have fluffed your words but you did it! That’s fantastic and you should be very proud of yourself! This occasion is experience that will make the next time even better. So, don’t sit there thinking about what you should or shouldn’t have said – instead practice your mindful breathing and be present in the moment you’re currently in rather than the past. Oh, and whatever you do…DON’T watch lives/ videos back!

The final thing to mention is that practice really does make the difference and if you can do so in a place that feels safe, all the better! A place like The Bubble can be that safe space for you. It’s supportive, it's nurturing, it's non-judgemental.

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