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Turn your dreams into reality

So, you’ve heard about manifesting great riches, success and dream clients, and you want to know if it’s real and if you can get a bit (or a lot) of that in your life too…

You’ve heard stories of entrepreneurs who have asked the universe for something, then as if by magic, it appears the very next day. At first you might be sceptical (I mean, daring to ask for what you truly want and the universe delivering it? Can that really happen??) but then you might quite fancy the universe waving it’s magic wand in your direction too!

Spoiler: There is NO magic wand, but magic CAN happen.

In this blog I’m going to share with you my 4 step process to manifesting your dreams into reality by creating your own magic, no wand needed!

Show me the magic…

We’re often taught there’s only one pathway to success; a path which is long, and hard. Not particularly appealing right? But then the opposite path – of being quick and easy – seems ridiculous to expect too. And - in reality - not very realistic on the entrepreneurial journey we’re on. But here’s the thing… just because something isn’t easy doesn’t mean it has to be hard! (huh?)

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that your path to success is without it’s challenges, but what I WILL share is that you have complete choice on how you perceive those challenges:

- Is failure the end of the world… or an opportunity to learn?

- Is a cancellation upsetting… or a gift of time you wouldn’t have had otherwise?

- Are low funds a source of panic… or a chance to explore new revenue streams?

- Did missing out on something close the window of opportunity… or make space for new ones?

People who manifest their dreams into reality don’t just ‘have it easy’. They face challenges, criticism, set-backs and failure. But how they view these experiences are what makes the difference; can you guess how they’re able to view them differently? One word: mindset. In fact let me expand… they view challenges differently and manifest their dreams because they mastered their mindset. They know that they don’t know it all, they know the flow of life comes with good and bad/ pleasure and pain and they know that their dreams only become a reality if they go out and create them.

Mindset mastery is the 1st stage in my 4 step process to manifesting your dreams. You can’t skip it or skirt around it. Instead, you must learn to connect with yourself, release negativity from the past and step forward into your future embracing abundance and compassion… once you embrace the process, following these 4 steps (and ultimately your dreams) will come easily and effortlessly:

1. Mindset mastery - Releasing negative emotions and limiting beliefs:

There’s no set way but there are lots of tools available. I love TimeLine Therapy as the ultimate way to do this, and I take all of my 1:1 clients through this life changing process, but I also share more and provide guidance to other ways in my membership and in my free community.

2. Deciding exactly what you want and putting it out into the world:

The word manifesting comes from the Latin manifestaire, meaning ‘make public’. Say it out loud, write it down, share it with a coach or supportive community (this is why accountability works and is a core aspect of The Bubble and my Signature 1:1 work). Letting the universe know what you want, then asking for it!

3. Believing it’s already yours:

If you have any doubt in your mind – consciously or unconsciously - about your ability or worth to manifest your dreams into reality this will block your pathway. This is why step 1 cannot be missed! 100% belief that not only you can do it, but that you are doing it and at some point, in your future you have done it.

4. Taking positive action every day to take you closer to your dreams:

Working at your pace in the direction you want to go, without the distraction of what others are doing.

Top tip: Keep your focus on you and do something every day to turn your dreams into your truth.

One of my fabulous 1:1 clients, Emily recently told me she wanted to grow her business community. As we had been through TimeLine Therapy together, she had released the negative emotions and limiting beliefs (byebye ‘I’m not good enough’). She put it out into the world, telling me ‘I want 5 new dream members this week’. I asked her if she believed they were out there and she told me she did, she could visualise the new number of members. I asked her what she was going to do for daily action, and we explored her ideas. She got started. Within 24 hours 2 more members had joined. Then another member the next day and she achieved her target in 5 days.

Through mindset mastery, asking clearly, belief and action.

You can manifest anything and everything. There is nothing off limits here unless you decide otherwise.

If you’d like to talk more about how you too can manifest everything and anything you want then get in touch today. Connect with me in LEMONADE send me an email, or book a free 20minute clarity call.

Are you ready to turn your dreams into reality? I’d love to help!

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