How to Attract Abundance

For so long I used to think having an abundance of something meant having too much.

I also genuinely believed there was a pool of wealth and success out there and everyone else had got there before me. I was too late to the party.

I was wrong.

Embracing abundance is accepting there are no limits to my potential or that of anyone else’s. It is knowing it’s never too late and ‘too much’ is a limit I create myself.

The pool of success is deep and refilling.

Yes, others might be drinking from it but that didn’t mean there wasn’t room for me.

If you want to attract abundance – success, wealth, happiness, whatever, into your life, the first step is accepting the possibilities and unlimited potential you have.

As a business owner you want more clients, or you want to raise your prices…both equate to making more money. You’re not greedy or ‘evil’ for wanting this. You want just enough to live comfortably, provide for your family, and not feel any anxiety about bills or unexpected expenses. And actually, if you did want more than that, that’s absolutely fine too!

The reason so many people struggle financially is because of the stories they tell themselves about money – or more specifically the stories they were told growing up that they chose – unconsciously – to believe. I go into more details about money stories (including my own) in this blog here.

But you’re here today to learn how to attract abundance…

I often talk about embracing the great flow of abundance and it is that word flow that is so so important.

Because – and here’s a fact – money flows in and money flows out.

Wanting it to be a one way thing isn’t going to work!

I know you know, consciously and logically, that this is true but have you ever caught yourself worrying over the money going out feeling like the money in could never match it or even like it doesn’t feel like it comes in at all?

You are, with thoughts like these, blocking the great flow of abundance.

When we believe something to be true our unconscious mind supports this by deleting evidence that doesn’t corroborate our beliefs and distorting or exaggerating the evidence that does. We end up with a warped view of reality where it feels like the bills are never ending, that there’s ‘always something wrong with that car’ and whatever you do you can’t make more money.

Imagine, just for a moment you viewed things completely differently. That your focus was on all the money that does come to you and all the opportunities and potential for welcoming more. Imagine if every time you paid a bill you felt celebratory and grateful that the great flow of abundance had brought that money to you and how happy you are to wave it off on its way?

It’s a very different outlook. And it generates different results.

So, how exactly do you shift your focus?

It’s really simple…

Set up a spreadsheet or buy a cute notebook or have a note on your phone or however works for you that you can make a record of all the money that comes to you over the next 2 weeks. And I’m talking every single penny, including, but not limited to:

· Paid invoices

· Money on the ground – even a penny!

· A discount in a shop

· A freebie

For each entry, record what you have received, how you received it and where you received it. Feel and express your gratitude for it all. Welcome that money into your life, knowing you are simply a temporary custodian and at some point it will be time for it to leave you and that’s good.

You will notice, over just a few days, your mindset shift. You will become aware how money comes to you, in some way or another in different places, probably daily.

Keep this up and you will begin to notice opportunities to welcome money into your life. New enquiries, new offers, new possibilities you’d not considered before.

If you want to really boost your money mindset and really embrace the great flow of abundance you could also consider identifying and releasing your abundance blocks using meditations and coaching – both of which are available in my monthly membership The Bubble.

The Bubble is designed to support your mindset growth and development with a range of tools and resources to guide you towards the happiness, success and wealth that you deserve. It is designed for female entrepreneurs who feel stuck in any aspect of their mindset and/ or their business.

It is for you if you want financial freedom and you want to shift your money mindset and embrace the great flow of abundance but are struggling to move away from ‘needing’ money and seeing it simply leave!

You can learn more about The Bubble here, including what members are saying, details of the resources and support and costs (it’s less than you think!)

Check it out and don’t forget, you can always contact me with any questions or queries!

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