How do they do it?

Making the most of your time so that you and your business thrive!

I have a young son (Oak is 21months at time of writing), I have a successful business with 1:1 clients, a membership and two thriving free online communities, have a home, 3 cats, 3 ducks and a vegetable garden, I like to meditate and go for walks, I’m a published author and regularly appear on podcasts talking about my book, I’m a member of a gym and go to classes twice a week, I enjoy bike rides and long baths, I’m the resident mindset expert for BBC Hereford and Worcester, I read a lot and never miss an episode of Neighbours.

I get asked quite a lot how do I do it?

My answer?

It doesn’t matter.

It isn’t because I like to keep it to myself, or that I secretly have a housekeeper, gardener, chef and Nanny (which- I don’t, although outsourcing does feature… do read on)… Nope, it doesn’t matter because you are not me….unless you too have a 21 month old son, 3 cats, 3 ducks, a veggie patch, a Neighbours obsession and all of the above, then what I’m doing and how I do it is neither here nor there. Comparing yourself to me, or anyone else, is completely unhelpful! It’s actually a total waste of your precious time, for two reasons:

1. Your situation is unique to you. No one else is living your life.

2. What you’re seeing is the bits I want to show you…I’m not posting the pile of laundry that’s building up in the corner of my bedroom (I told you no housekeeper!)

BUT there are things that I do, that help ME to make the most of the 24hours in the day which maaay also work for you…

Outsourcing/ Asking for Help

In my business I have a wonderful VA who helps me with some admin jobs (you can read her blog about tasks a VA could help you with here), I have an accountant who deals with all my bookkeeping and returns and things plus a coach who helps me with my messaging so when I sit down to write blogs or sales pages or lead magnets or social media posts, I am more effective and efficient.

I have a publisher who manages all the online sales of my book, ensuring it’s available from all good retailers. They’re currently preparing the eBook edition which will be out on Friday 16th July!

Oak is in nursery 3 days a week.

Ok so I think we’ve established I don’t have a housekeeper (a girl can dream!) however I DO have a cleaner who comes for 2 hours once a week – which probably saves me about 5 hours!

At the gym, I go to classes with a personal trainer, so for the 2 hours I am there a week I am making the most of it.

Getting Organised

My husband and I can see each other’s diaries (we us Google Calendar) and EVERYTHING goes on there…whether going swimming, attending vets appointments, scheduling work calls and so on… on it goes!

You may prefer a paper diary and that’s fine, but get it all in there!

Every day I write a to-do list and allocate the time in my calendar to get things done – side note here: ticking things off a to-do list can be a huge motivator (hello dopamine!) but TOP TIP: to focus on what you have achieved rather than anything you haven’t!

Going Guilt Free

Rest, family time and self-care are all really valuable uses of your time, in fact they are waaay more valuable than simply soldering on with your to do list. Success - and the journey towards it - becomes worthless if you’re exhausted and burnt-out.

This one takes awareness and practice, yet has been a game changer for me… to avoid thoughts of ‘Oh I could have done more’ – maybe I could have, but I didn’t so that’s that. Self compassion and reflection are so much more useful than shoulda woulda couldas!

Congratulate yourself for what you have done and acknowledge the reasons for your choices.

More on that word… ‘should’ (grrr). When it comes to business, we’re often told what we ‘should’ be doing…the only thing you ‘should’ be doing is your best and that will be different to what anyone else is doing. Compassion first, always.

When I watch Neighbours every evening (aka Unmissable Drama)… could I be doing something work related? Could I be loading the dishwasher? Yeah, of course I could, but I don’t want to do those things, I want to be watching the best show on telly (try and change my mind!)

Slowing Down to Speed Up


A good quality and quantity of sleep is so important to your physical and mental wellbeing.

While it might be tempting to jump on the laptop after the kids have gone to bed in to the wee-hours, you won’t be at your most productive if you are tired (I know you know this, time to break the habit!).

Consciously choosing to slow down using meditation is also an amazing, powerful tool to help you be more productive, focused and creative when on task. This is why in The Bubble we start every week with a short (10-15) minute live meditation. When we meditate our brains go into alpha frequency which is actually when we get our best ideas! Members report experiencing AhHa moments and smashing through their lists and goals!

Being Grateful

When a meeting gets cancelled or your laptop decides now is the time to take 25minutes to update (every time!) rather than feeling frustrated at what you’re not doing, take a moment to be grateful for the time you have been gifted. What are you going to tick off your to-do list because of this gift?

Watching Your Words

What are you telling yourself about time? We create our own realities so if you’re saying ‘I don’t have enough time’, ‘there aren’t enough hours in the day’, or ‘I can’t fit it all in’…then guess what your reality will be? Can you reframe your view of time instead? Becoming aware that you really are the master of your time, and that you can control and manipulate it.

Trying phrases such as ‘I have plenty of time’, or ‘I find the time I need’ to create an alternative reality. Limiting beliefs around time are really common, so common that last month’s hypnotic meditation to add to The Bubble’s library of resources was called ‘TIME: You Have Enough’.

Gaining Accountability

Sharing what you want to achieve publicly means you are much more likely to make it happen – this is the literal definition of manifesting: to make public.

Every week I ask The Bubble members what their goals and intentions are for the week. Those that share them, become more accountable and more productive – hurrah!

Is time an issue for you? Why not give one or more of these tips a go to help you make the most of your days. If you’d like more info about The Bubble: The Mindset and Business Growth Centre for Female Entrepreneurs and how the support, resources and accountability can help you, then do check it out here. The doors to The Bubble are always OPEN… no more doors open/ doors closed… you can walk right on in as soon as you’re ready to smash through your limiting beliefs and begin your journey to the wealth and success you know you deserve!

See you in there?

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