Being visible when all you want to do is hide,

or when you’re just really busy

Visibility is a bit of a buzz word in entrepreneurship, but it can cause a lot of anxiety for some: I didn’t start my own business to plaster my face all over the internet!

I’d like to start this blog by busting a few visibility myths…we will then look at the mindset of visibility – because, yes, it does all come down to mindset – and then I’ll share how you can increase your visibility without it feeling really scary AND without adding (much) to your already long list of things to do.

The myths –

1. ‘I’m a product based business, I don’t need to show my face’ – Wrong! People buy from people, whatever they’re buying.

2. ‘No ones interested in seeing me’ – Wrong! See above.

3. ‘Being visible means video/lives/reels’ – Nope! There are lots of other ways to be visible – keep reading!

4. ‘Being visible is a daily task’ – Not if that’s not what works for you.

5. ‘You have to have professional photos’ – Wrong! Professional photos are lovely, but so is a good selfie or throwback photo!

These, and others, are actually more than just myths…they’re limiting beliefs, i.e. things you are telling yourself that are not true but are holding you back.

The excuse you make for not being visible in your business may seem really valid but actually when you dig deeper it’s often a self-limiting belief. Take my client Sarah, who I worked with over the summer, for example…Sarah made some of the most beautiful jewellery, but she wasn’t getting as many sales as she wanted. We discussed the topic of her becoming more visible, she told me that people want to see pictures of her products, not of her face! When we explored this further, we discovered a real fear of putting her image out there because she was afraid of judgement and afraid of rejection. Deeper down we discovered ‘I need to be accepted’ as a low-level limiting belief. We removed it in TimeLine Therapy™, as well as releasing the negative emotions of anger, sadness, fear hurt and guilt (learn more about TimeLine Therapy™ here). We then started exploring strategies as to how she could become more visible in her marketing and really become the face of her business…it’s worth noting that Sarah also had 3 kids under 7 so she wasn’t looking to add much to her workload!

These are some things we considered and you can too, to become more visible within your business:

· Commit to what works for you – it doesn’t have to be a selfie or a live every day if that doesn’t work for you, you could simply commit to one ‘visibility’ post weekly. That’s what Sarah chose to do.

· Remember, ‘visibility’ isn’t just your face, it’s YOU. So, if sharing a picture of your face is scary right now, then don’t do it yet. What you can do is share a post that tells your audience more about you as a person, your values, yours likes and dislikes, what brought you to this point, what do you do when you’re not working – you can share as much or as little as you like.

· Recycle – if you’ve had professional photos done or if there’s a selfie you really like, use it again and again – okay so maybe not the exact same one every day but it’s not redundant once it’s been posted once! A social media post has a shelf life of about 15minutes (apparently) and so let this fear go. I reuse photos all the time, and guess what, no one has told me they don’t want to work with me because of it…and if they’ve thought it, I probably don’t want to work with them anyway 😛.

· Join LEMONADE or my mailing list to hear about when I run my free Show Your Face Challenge again – This is an awesome 5-day challenge where I guide you to becoming more visible and become the face of your business. We have fun, we dig deep, and you will get results…some ladies who joined me when I ran this in September 2021 saw an Instagram engagement level increase by over 100%!

· If you’re short of time – apart from this potentially being a limiting belief about time which I won’t go into now – do things to help yourself out…schedule, have professional photos done so you don’t have to take selfies (or rope your partner or a friend in to help), do lives rather than recording videos (with the best will in the world it’s really hard not to do re-takes of a recorded video, in my experience).

· A further note on lives – if you have a tendency to self-criticise, don’t watch them back. I never watch my lives back, what’s the point? Once they’re done, they’re done and that’s the beauty of them. It also doesn’t matter if something goes wrong…your audience, the people watching, they’re human beings too. That means they fluff their words sometimes, they make mistakes and sometimes, if they’re anything like me, they burp accidentally when they think they need to clear their throat!

People really do buy from people.

Not from one post of your gorgeous face, but from a consistent look into who you are and what you’re about. We want to know you’re real and we want to trust you with our hard-earned money; give us the opportunity to do so.

And if you’re wondering …after Sarah implemented her visibility strategy (she decided to share a picture of herself twice a week and once a week a ‘backstage’/ brand story post, she very quickly saw an increase in social media engagement and an increase in enquiries…more enquiries = more sales and that’s exactly what Sarah experienced, going on to double her turnover within 6 months of her TimeLine Therapy™ session and working with me.

If you’d like to discuss how to become more visible and the potential limiting beliefs that are currently holding you back, book yourself on a free clarity call today.

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