Phobia Removal

You may be wondering what a page on phobia removal is doing on a website all about mindset and business coaching for female entrepreneurs? 
Well, female entrepreneurs get phobias too, but this page, really - it's for everyone. 
Everyone who's ever wanted to overcome their fear.
Everyone who wants to know how to get rid of their phobia.
Everyone who's phobia has become too much.

I used to have a phobia. I was afraid of little bits of paper and sticky labels. The thought of going to an event where they would give me one of those sticky name tags gave me the heeby jebbies. It was a completely irrational fear - the definition of a phobia. 

But I had it removed, using a simple NLP technique, that's quick and trauma free. I am a Master Practitioner in NLP and this technique is one of my favourites. That's why you're finding a phobia removal page on my website. Because I love it! I love how quick it is. I love how effective it is!

You can overcome your phobia. 

My technique works on the principle belief that you learned to be afraid of whatever it is. Of course, you didn't intend to but here you are, feeling panic and anxiety whenever you see a picture of think about the thing - let alone actually doing it!

If you learned to be afraid unconsciously, by tapping into and reprogramming your unconscious mind, we can unlearn it. 

I am so confident that this technique can help you I am offering a 100% money back guarantee!

Does your fear of spiders leave you feeling uncomfortable in your own home?

Would you love to go abroad on holiday but can't because of your fear of flying?

Do you find yourself stuck inside during the summer since your fear of wasps is so intense?

It doesn't have to be this way. 

My phobia removal sessions do not involve exposure to your fear.

It's a single hour and a half session. 

After the session you wont love your old fear - something I was really worried about when I took the plunge in removing mine. You'll feel neutral. You will be able to stay in control. You will react rationally and be able to do the things you love without your old phobia overwhelming you. 

Brogan was getting married. Everything was booked and ready, for the big day. An outdoor, rural affair, including a gorgeous photoshoot in a wild flower meadow - stunning! Except Brogan wasn't ready. 

She had a phobia of bees and wasps so severe that she was experiencing panic attacks - not ideal at any point but particularly not for your wedding photos! It was also affecting her everyday life.

Brogan reached out to me following a recommendation. She was desperate!

We went through my phobia removal process and it was immediate. The idea of a wasp or a bee didn't fill her with fear! I even left her with some simple tools so she could choose how to feel instead - calm, excited and in control! 

Whatever your fear, this could be you too!

'I can't recommend Lauren enough!! For the last 24 years I have let my fear of wasps and bees take over my life, to the point I was having panic attacks and freaking out at anything that buzzed, until I knew it wasn't a wasp.

In the summer we had a wasps nest in our attic and when it came to getting the Christmas decorations down the anxiety kicked in, it was horrendous and I knew I had to do something and enter Lauren. 

I met with Lauren and I can honestly say that horrible anxiety and fear has now gone! 

Yesterday I went into the attic to store some stuff away and it was absolutely fine! no fear, no anxiety, just excitement and pride'

My phobia removal sessions are £299 and held on zoom.

Just imagine, in the very near future you could be free from your fear!

You will finish feeling completely different about that old thing that caused you so much anxiety.

Book a free clarity call or email for more info and to get the ball rolling.

Brogan's story...