Learning Resources

Learn how to master your mindset, set amazing goals and develop mindful self-compassion. 
More videos will be added and if there is a topic you would like to know more about, let me know in the Facebook group.

Communicating With Your Self - The first lesson in mindset mastery

Self-Talk Bonus - communication preferences - talk to yourself in the right language.

Workbook: Communication Preferences Test

Delete, Distort, Generalise: Meet Your PA

Limiting Beliefs - learn to identify and remove your limiting beliefs

Workbook: Limiting Beliefs

Values - Identify what you believe to be important and what drives you and your behaviour
Workbook: Values

The Goal-den Rules - learn the 6 goal-den rules when it comes to setting the best goals ever!

Workbook: My Goal

Manifesting - it's time to make those goals your reality!

Energy - the power it has and how you can invite positive energy to you.

Mind-Fuel - an introduction to mindfulness with a short practice. See the hypnotic recordings page for more meditations