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Generalised Recordings

Through leading LEMONADE with Lauren Malone, my free community for female entrepreneurs to positively develop their mindset, it soon became clear to me that similar problems are experienced by many. Of course, this does not make it easier for the individual, but it did give me an idea.

I have therefore created these hypnotic meditations to address some of the most common issues affecting female entrepreneurs:


From what other people think. Answer to yourself and release yourself from the fear of judgment.


Release the need for money and embrace the great flow of abundance into all aspects of your life.


To get the task you’ve been putting off done. Feel more motivated and energised, immediately.

 More recordings will be added to this selection over time

Bespoke Recording

Have you felt out of control of your emotions? On a roller-coaster? Feeling overwhelmed? Not been able to sleep? Are you tempted by hypnosis but want to ease in gently?


Anxiety, and other negative emotions, do not protect you. They harm you, physically and mentally, consciously and unconsciously. Practising relaxation and making hypnotic suggestions to the unconscious mind, while in a deep state of relaxation, supports neurological development to protect you from negative emotions.

  • Up to 30 minute bespoke hypnotic recording                           

  • Delivered within 5 working days from completion of discovery questionnaire

  • Control your negative emotions                                                    

  • Increase communication with the unconscious mind         

  • Sleep better                                                                                               

  • Increase motivation         

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