Hypnotic meditation recordings

New recordings will be uploaded monthly.

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Meditations are most beneficial when practiced regularly, that doesn't need to be every day necessarily but do try to allocate yourself a minimum of one 20 minute practice a week.

Take a journey with your unconscious to gain clarity over a decision, a goal, a dilemma, anything.

This meditation is to tap into your dreamlike mind to envision next steps in life.

Connect with your inner voices and learn their purpose.

Say 'no' without guilt in a way that benefits you and others.

What other people think of you is not important. It's what you think of you that matters.

There is no such thing as perfection. Stop chasing it and start turning your dreams into reality now

Time. One of the biggest blocks between you and success...or is it?

Practice deep progressive relaxation with this full body scan recording

Connect with your creativity in this beautiful visualisation based meditation

Meet yourself 1 year from now, ask the important questions and gain the guidance you're searching for.

Start working on your money mindset

Feel your confidence grow. Listen to the recording the day before an important event or more generally to feel your confidence grow.

Learn to celebrate your success and feel this moment that you have worked hard to achieve.

Energy. Feel more motivated, energised and focused.

Ground Cleanse & Protect Meditation
The Complete Chakra Meditation

Bonus meditations gifted by Chris Stanley, Guest Expert from July 2021.