Happy Clients

"I've always been a therapy sceptic - certain I didn't have anything worth fixing, but I'd been feeling so overwhelmed, with my emotions being right on the surface, small set backs felt like they were gnawing at who I was as person. Since I had my Create Your Future Coaching™ session with Lauren I've been so much more in control of my emotions. I wanted to feel "ready" - ready for being able to deal with things without all my feelings flooding out, and I certainly do feel "ready"! Lauren is fantastic at what she does. She's does it all in a calm, confident and supportive way so even if you feel a slip she's there to catch you. A single session with her will help each step you take feel stronger. I've already recommended her to friends, I hope they take the opportunity to work with her and I hope you (whoever you are and however you're feeling) do too!"