Happy Clients

" I turned to Lauren after suffering with anxiety and panic attacks most days. Hitting the COVID-19 pandemic was completely overwhelming and really threw me off – personally and professionally. Everything and everyone I knew was on edge!
I then had my TimeLine Therapy session with Lauren. She made me feel safe and she walked through all my emotions with me. I went to places that needed addressing and I took the negativity and put it down – just like Lauren describes putting down a rucksack, that’s how it felt! I felt lighter, safe and grateful of the life I have.

Since that day Lauren has been an amazing support to me and I feel happy and thankful that I am able to love and be kind to myself. I no longer choose to wear that emotional rucksack! I choose to make my life, and business, a positive success and full of love.

Lauren is amazing at what she does. I cannot thank her enough!"

"Lauren was brilliant on my breakthrough day. She helped me focus on goals and expertly coached me through my time line therapy. I really enjoy working with Lauren and appreciate her insight and ability to see a subject from many perspectives. I wholeheartedly recommend Lauren to anyone looking for a great coach or NLP master practitioner to help them succeed."

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