Free Resources

Here you will find a range of free resources from, Facebook Groups, downloads, workbooks and even some of my favourite TedX Talks and motivational videos. Looking for something in particular? Message me using the contact form and let me know.

Facebook Groups

I manage a range of FREE online spaces perfect for whatever your mindset support and development needs.

Feeling flat? Putting the fizz back into your life and business. A positive, uplifting space for female entrepreneurs to learn, explore and challenge their mindset.

Lemonade with Lauren Malone

New Chapters

The Self Mastery Book Club - 

An online book club for personal and professional development. Run with my friend and colleague Lorna Coleman.

Expecting Entrepreneurs

A unique space for women who are pregnant or on maternity leave, starting or growing their businesses.

Hypnotic Recordings

I have two, completely free hypnotic recordings available for you to download.
There is a night time recording to aid a beautiful restful sleep and a deep relaxation recording specifically aimed towards pregnant women.

Night Time Recording

Pregnancy Deep Relaxation

Communications preferences test

How you communicate with yourself is an integral part of the work I do in supporting mindset development and transformation.

There are 3 communication preferences: visual, audio, kinaesthetic and auditory digital. Understanding your preferences not only improves your internal communication but also how you communicate with other people.


Download this short test to identify your communication preference.

TedX Talks & Motivational Videos

Simon Sinek - Start with Why

I love this video and it's message so much I decided to add it to my website!

People do not buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

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