Please read these words from my clients.

A huge thank you to all those that were happy to share their success!

" I turned to Lauren after suffering with anxiety and panic attacks most days. Hitting the COVID-19 pandemic was completely overwhelming and really threw me off – personally and professionally. Everything and everyone I knew was on edge!

I then had my TimeLine Therapy session with Lauren. She made me feel safe and she walked through all my emotions with me. I went to places that needed addressing and I took the negativity and put it down – just like Lauren describes putting down a rucksack, that’s how it felt! I felt lighter, safe and grateful of the life I have.

Since that day Lauren has been an amazing support to me and I feel happy and thankful that I am able to love and be kind to myself. I no longer choose to wear that emotional rucksack! I choose to make my life, and business, a positive success and full of love.

Lauren is amazing at what she does. I cannot thank her enough!"

"I had a Timeline Therapy session with Lauren recently which I am very happy with. I was unsure how it would work online but I found it to be an incredibly powerful experience. Lauren made me feel calm and relaxed throughout and made sure she explained every step of the process. Since the session I have a new found confidence and would definitely recommend working with Lauren. "

"I’ve been doing great! I have been facing challenges, that have been fine – no worry! I have found myself choosing different words and ways I speak to myself when negative thoughts do come along, this has really helped me. I really see the light at the end of the tunnel and it is so amazing! Thank you so much for your help, it’s been amazing and I am so grateful"

"I run my own business and was struggling to progress with it due to self-esteem and self-worth issues. I met with Lauren for a consultation and she advised that TimeLine Therapy would work well for me. I was very anxious before the session but Lauren put me at ease immediately by being confident, genuine and calm throughout. The session flew by and really got straight to the root of the problem. I wasn’t expecting it to be so precise and my issues so easily resolved! I left feeling much lighter but, as I am cynical, I wondered if it would last. 4 months on, I can confidently say that my self-esteem and self-worth is no longer sabotaging my business, I know I am good enough. I cannot thank Lauren enough for what she has done for me. She has removed deep-seated issues which I carried for 30 years. To be frank, Lauren is a genius!" 

"Lauren is amazing!!! She has helped me dump a fear and has made me feel like myself again. I now look forward with confidence rather than feel consumed by fear and self doubt. She put me at ease throughout my session, explained everything so well and is just a lovely, friendly person. I would definitely recommend Lauren to everyone and honestly can’t thank her enough"

"The sessions with Lauren have helped me to focus on how to organise myself so that goals are met.The sessions have put order in the chaos and I now realise how much this has helped me. Talking issues through with Lauren has helped me to prioritize so that I do not get overwhelmed- and still achieve my goals; I  have also faced my fears (that had held me back). I am now following my goals- step-by-step  with help from the sessions."

"TimeLine Therapy™ ironed out all my anxieties. I seemed, after it, to be able to cope with facing my fears. I seemed to be calm in situations which would usually have caused me problems.

I use the strategies Lauren taught me, daily."

"Lauren was brilliant on my breakthrough day. She helped me focus on goals and expertly coached me through my time line therapy. I really enjoy working with Lauren and appreciate her insight and ability to see a subject from many perspectives. I wholeheartedly recommend Lauren to anyone looking for a great coach or NLP master practitioner to help them succeed."

"Before my TimeLine Therapy session with Lauren I was feeling desperate. I was overwhelmed with feelings of extreme anger and sadness and was struggling to sleep, have effective relationships and get on with my day to day life.

After 1 four-hour session I feel completely different. I feel so much better since our session and am finally able to deal with my emotions effectively. It has definitely helped clear my mind! Those old thoughts that used to plague me, that I wasn’t good enough and that I couldn’t handle my emotions have gone and I feel rested and ready to achieve my goals. Thank you Lauren. My friends and family have noticed a difference in me and I have given them your details!"

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