Business and Mindset Coaching for Female Entrepreneurs

Are you ready to create the wealth, happiness and success you deserve with your business?

Mindset & Business Development Coach Gloucestershire UK

Do you know why you’re here?
(here as in on my website, not in life… although we can
look at that too).

I mean, why you find yourself checking out who I am
and what I can offer.
Yes for information, but to me you are here for a
much bigger reason…

You are here because you are finally ready to let go of
whatever it is that’s holding you back, to step up in your
business and turn your dreams into a reality.

You’re also here to see if and how I can help guide you on your journey, as well as checking whether I could be the right business coach for you.
It’s a big decision I realise, one I would love to help you with…

If you are:

  • In the first 0-3 years of your business,

  • Ready to smash through your limiting beliefs

  • Ready to commit to yourself as much as your business

  • Want to create a balance in between your business, your family and your wellbeing

...then we may well be a good fit.

As an experienced, and qualified, business coach and BBC featured mindset expert I will work with you to develop your mindset, goals, actions and strategies, so you can grow your business in a way that aligns with your energy and your values.

Bring the fizz back into your life and business

Mindset & Business Development Coach Gloucestershire UK

Do you find yourself comparing yourself to other entrepreneurs who are further along in their journey than you?
Do you hear yourself saying you'll never reach that level of success? Wondering where they found the time and assuming they must have started with loads of cash in the bank?

The biggest obstacle preventing you from the success you do deserve isn't money or time. It's you. 
It is the limiting beliefs you are holding onto (which might be about money or time, in your defence) that are blocking your way.

Is it time to explore working with a business & mindset coach?
Is it time to shift your mindset and smash away your limiting beliefs?
Is it time to step into your true limitless potential and achieve everything - all the wealth, happiness and success - you deserve?

The answer is 'yes'

My free 20 minute clarity calls are a great opportunity to discuss how I can support you moving forwards

Hi, I'm Lauren Malone...

My mission is to empower my clients to step up in their lives and businesses, to really embrace their full, limitless potential and create the health, wealth, happiness and success they deserve.
Mindset & Business Development Coach Gloucestershire UK

I believe that through mindset mastery everyone and anyone can achieve anything and everything that they desire. 
Once upon a time I didn't believe I was good enough...

Mindset & Business Development Coach Gloucestershire UK

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