support female entrepreneurs develop the mindset of success

Make that dream a reality.

I work with female entrepreneurs to create the health, wealth, happiness and success they deserve. The barrier between you and your dreams is you, I can help you break that barrier down.

Lauren Malone - Business Coach


I'm Lauren!

I know that mindset is key to success in business and in life. I help women move their businesses to the next level through deep mindset transformation. By releasing negative emotions, beliefs and behaviours my clients are able to embrace opportunities they never thought possible, they achieve their goals, they create the future they want and make their dreams their reality.

I am a Master Practitioner in NLP, Hypnosis and TimeLine Therapy™ and a Master NLP Coach. It was through the process of learning these linguistic coaching techniques that I went through deep mindset transformation myself. I was able to put down my negative baggage and step forward, unstoppable into my future.

Work with me...

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The Expecting Entrepreneur


Create your future. Live the life you want. Pregnancy is not the start of a new story, it is the start of a new chapter. New characters are introduced and new settings and experiences, but you are still the lead. You are still the main character in your story, and you can write it any way you want to.

Starting a business is often about creating balance, taking back control and manufacturing your own success. Pregnancy and motherhood are frequently seen as barriers to this success. Somehow, somewhere it was decided the two things, pregnancy and starting a business, are too difficult to go together - that you must choose. I call bull.

This book will show you that it is only you that decides. If you choose you can have both. I did. But I had to think about it...


What my clients say ...

The sessions with Lauren have helped me to focus on how to organise myself so that goals are met.The sessions have put order in the chaos and I now realise how much this has helped me.


Talking issues through with Lauren has helped me to prioritize so that I do not get overwhelmed- and still achieve my goals; I  have also faced my fears (that had held me back).

I am now following my goals- step-by-step  with help from the sessions.

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